A Thank You To The Shooting Community

Levy Donations for the 21/22 Season

To date the shooting community has backed British Game Assurance with over £280,000 of levy from the 2021/22 season, and the donations are still coming in from shoots of all sizes. These contributions, large and small, have allowed us to take enormous strides in the promotion and development of the game meat market, and we want to say one thing: thank you.

The tremendous support levy-payers have shown over this challenging season means that since the creation of BGA we have now raised over £1,000,000 in levy alone, quite apart from the support of those who have chosen to register for our Assurance Scheme.

The levy is very special, because this is how guns can contribute to the marketing of every game bird. It is how we derive our support directly from the shooting community. It also makes us accountable to everyone who chooses to pay the levy, and to everyone who collects it. As such, I would like to share an update I was recently asked to put together for Ministers, on how we have invested the levy to ensure that there is healthy demand for every game bird shot, please see it here. Every success in that update is attributable to you and your investment in registration and the levy, and I would be grateful if you would share it with your guns.

You may have noticed that Westminster is very much taking interest. Defra Minister Lord Benyon has recommended at the House of Lords despatch box that all shoots and game farms sign up to BGA. Greg Smith MP stood up in “the other place”, the House of Commons, to congratulate BGA on our work with the NHS (watch here). It is vital the whole shooting community hears what Government is saying, and throws its weight behind British Game Assurance. If you collect the levy, or if you have registered your shoot or game farm already, then again we have only one thing to say: thank you.

Four years ago there was widespread panic about perceived over-supply of game. We are not in that place anymore. Every Associate, every Assured Shoot and Game Farm, every levy donor of any size, has brought about that change. But we cannot be complacent, we want to return a value to shot game and we want to keep growing the number of people choosing to put game on their plates. Every new outlet for BGA Assured game is a win for the whole community. Just listen to those radio interviews about game in the NHS, surely some of the best PR shooting has enjoyed in years. As a BGA supporter, you made that happen.

So a huge thank you for your efforts. We have until the end of this month to collect levy for the 21/22 season, so maybe we’ll reach £300,000, which would be extraordinary. We will go on investing in growing the game meat market, because we believe every consumer of game is a sure friend of sustainable shooting.

Best wishes,


Liam Stokes

Chief Executive