Associate Shoot Membership

Full, food-industry standard Assurance is not necessary for every shoot, yet the Government is calling on all shooting interests to sign up with BGA to safeguard the future of shooting, and we know all shoots want to support the professional marketing of game. It is vital for the future of shooting that every shoot of every size is able to participate in the work of British Game Assurance, so we have a free-to-access Associate scheme to allow all shoots to state their support for self-regulation and the promotion of game as food.



How is this different from full registration?

  • The shoot declares their compliance with both the Code of Good Shooting Practice and the FSA/FSS Wild Game Guide
  • The shoot is not subject to auditing.
  • Complaints against the shoot will be addressed using the BGA Complaints Procedure, with proven breaches of the Code or the Wild Game Meat Guide resulting in removal from the scheme.
  • The meat produced by an Associate is not BGA Assured. Producing assured game meat requires independent auditing, which can be accessed through full registration here.


What are the benefits of joining?

  • The shoot is playing an active and invaluable role in demonstrating to Government that the shooting sector is responsible and self-regulating, as demanded by Defra.
  • The shoot can advertise its days as a BGA Associate and Accredited Best Practice, and can continue to use sporting agents that have committed to sell only BGA shoot days.
  • The shoot can access the full range of BGA developmental activities, including the distribution of materials and tools produced by partner organisations (such as GWCT, BASC, NGO and CA)
  • The shoot will receive updates on how BGA is promoting game meat and working to grow the number of people who see game as healthy, tasty, sustainable food.