Associate Shoot Membership

We know that small and local shoots are the backbone of shooting, and often distribute the game to participants at the end of the day without it ever going into the commercial food chain. It is vital for the future of shooting that these shoots are able to participate in the work of the British Game Alliance.  The value of a self-regulating shooting sector is explained here, and to make this a reality we need the support of every shoot of every size.


This membership is for shoots that:

  • Do not release more than 1500 birds per annum
  • Do not put game into the commercial supply chain, and declare that it will not do so
    • The commercial food chain to be defined as game produced on a particular shoot being sold to the general public by anyone, at any time
    • If you put the birds into the commercial food chain you can register here for full Membership

How is this different from other memberships?

What are the benefits of joining?

  • The shoot is playing an active and invaluable role in demonstrating that the shooting sector is responsible and self-regulating
  • The shoot can advertise its days as a BGA Associate Member Shoot and Accredited Best Practise
  • The shoot can access the full range of BGA developmental activities, including the distribution of materials and tools produced by partner organisations (GWCT, BASC and CA)
  • The shoot can access BGA Member Benefits


The cost of the membership is £80.00 inclusive of VAT, all you need to do is fill out the form below.


Associate Shoot Membership

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Associate Membership


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