Avian Influenza – “Stop The Spread” Defra Webinars

Bespoke webinars aimed at the game bird sector (12pm and 5pm Monday 7th March 2022)

Following the successful series of Defra Avian Influenza “Stop the Spread” webinars in January and December for smallholder/hobby keepers, commercial keepers and veterinary professionals we are pleased to announce that two new webinar events have been scheduled on Monday 7th March bespoke for those involved in the gamebird sector. Registration for these new webinars is available via GOV.UK at the link below. Social media posts have also been released via APHA’s Facebook and Twitter channels. We would be grateful if you can share/retweet the information below within your organisations/membership and encourage anyone associated with the gamebird sector whether professionally or as a hobby to register for a webinar.

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Avian Influenza – “Stop The Spread” Defra Webinars

Due to the current avian influenza (‘Bird Flu’) outbreak, maintaining effective biosecurity has never been more critical.

Find out what you can do to keep your birds free of the disease, by registering for one of the Defra webinars.

These events will be hosted by leading Defra epidemiologists and veterinary professionals and will cover:

  • The latest information on the national situation and the high number of cases in the North Yorkshire, Lincolnshire & Leicestershire areas;
  • Essential biosecurity measures that all bird keepers and those involved in activities with birds should be taking;
  • An opportunity to ask questions about biosecurity best practice;

Additional dates released for bespoke webinars aimed at the gamebird sector (12pm and 5pm Monday 7th March 2022)

To register and for full details visit: