Best Practice Shoots on GunsOnPegs

Choose to attend a shoot that is adhering to best practice.

GunsOnPegs has launched an exciting new feature to its ‘Find Shooting’ offering on the website. BGA-accredited shoots are now marked as a ‘Best Practice Shoot’, meaning that they can showcase their audited status to potential guns. Using the ‘Audited Shoots Only’ filter, guns can identify the “Best Practice Shoot” badge on shoot profiles and search results.


What does best practice mean?


Shoots that follow best practice have joined our BGA Assurance Scheme and in doing so, have allowed third party BGA trained assessors to undertake audits. The aim of these audits is to bring a new and important level of transparency to the sector. Shoots that have undergone this process are labelled on GunsOnPegs search results with the ‘Best practice shoot’ badge.


On their website GunsOnPegs said, “GunsOnPegs has a vision for ensuring a sustainable future for shooting in the future. As a part of this we are making it easy for Guns to make an informed choice about the shoots that they choose to visit. To this end, we are highlighting those shoots that have been accredited as following best practice.”


Continuing, “Of course, it is a hassle to accommodate auditors and to gather the records they will want to see. It is inconvenient to subject your business to a rigorous complaint’s procedure. So, as a community we need to get behind those shoots choosing to do the right thing. This is what you, as a well-informed, conscientious gun can do to protect shooting. You can embrace and support those shoots that are themselves embracing accredited best practice through the BGA. For every gun that chooses to shoot on estates that have been accredited by the BGA, shooting will be that much safer and that much more sustainable. This is your opportunity to be part of a brighter future for our community.”


If you are interested in becoming a BGA accredited shoot, or speaking to a member of the team about the audit process, please contact us on and we would be delighted to help.