BGA Brand Partner: Wild and Game

Wild & Game tell us why they started, their high quality brand & what it means to be opening their own distribution centre.

Please could you tell us some of the history of your organisation?

Wild and Game was formed as company in 2017 with the aim to sell more UK derived game meat into the UK market. 


By being a brand partner, you are showing your support for the BGA’s efforts. Why do you feel the BGA Assurance Scheme is important to the future of the shooting industry?

We feel that a recognised standard for the production of game meat is vitally important to ensure confidence from customers and retailers.



Why was it important for your brand to support the BGA?

Our customers rely on the W&G brand to supply high quality products when they order from us, in turn our business relies on receiving high quality game from our suppliers backed by the BGA standard.


What are the biggest changes you have seen in the shooting industry over the last 5 years?

There has definitely been more focus on the handling of game at shoot level and certainly more awareness of the importance of developing a market for the sale of game in the UK.



Why do you feel the discount is a benefit to BGA members?

Even if BGA members have a good supply of game during the season we offer a wide range of further processed game products and game meat 12 months of the year.  A discount will hopefully encourage them to order regularly.  Every order helps us use more game meat.


Can you tell us a little bit about your key plans, events and/or any new products for 2022?

We are opening our own distribution centre in June of 2022, this will enable Wild and Game to provide Saturday and next day deliveries to our customers.


To find out more about Wild and Game click here