BGA Donate Eat Wild Recipe Booklets to Consumers Through Wild and Game

Hoping to inspire and provide entertainment for those who are stuck in isolation.

The British Game Alliance is delighted to have donated a select amount of ‘Eat Wild’ recipe booklets to Wild & Game as part of its best selling self-isolation frozen game box offering. The aim was to hopefully make people’s time at home a little more entertaining.


As well as running the British Game assurance scheme, of which Wild & Game is a BGA approved stockist, the core of the BGA’s efforts are its pioneering marketing campaign, ‘Eat Wild’, created to raise awareness of feathered game and encourage greater consumption of British pheasant, partridge, grouse and mallard. From this, the BGA created some hard copy recipe booklets containing innovative and fun recipes to try with game, which will now be included in every Wild & Game order. 


Louisa North, Head of Operations at the BGA said, “The BGA is delighted to have donated these Eat Wild recipe booklets to Wild & Game, to be included in every box ordered. We hope these will alleviate boredom and provide inspiration while people are stuck at home, showcasing some of the fresh and innovative ways we can cook with game meat.”


Wild and Game, the not-for-profit company working to boost game consumption in the UK, has launched a new family isolation pack of frozen meals chosen to appeal to children as well as adults. The aim of the pack is to make like easier for families in lockdown and get more people to try game for the first time – and hopefully like it so much it becomes a regular part of their diet. Alongside this, they are also offering a selection of BBQ ready packs and assorted game boxes. The BGA hopes its recipes booklets will help people to become more creative with game meat.


Steve Frampton, Director of Wild & Game said, “We’re delighted to be working with BGA to share and promote the pleasures of eating game. It’s such a versatile, healthy meat to cook with and these recipes are a great place to start.”


Innovative and creative game recipe videos to try at home can be found at Wild & Game boxes can be ordered via or by calling 08004334334.