BGA Myths Busted

We address some of the most pressing rumours circulating

They have not achieved any new markets. All talk no action.

It is difficult to confirm markets for game out of season. We have been working on numerous new market opportunities which we believe will come to fruition in Autumn 2019. We look forward to being able to share these wins with you before the end of the season, where the team’s hard work will be evident. See our recent press release on our first international trade deal to Hong Kong.


Stop the Cull – Website was hacked

The BGA website has never been breached and is hosted on one of the securest servers available. Stop the Cull spent many months compiling a list of our members who had opted for the Shoot name and county to be public. Utilising Google and this minimal information they researched each individual shoot to populate a map of BGA members. A lot of this information is inaccurate, demonstrating that it was done by hand.


What do I get for my membership?

An average shoot membership is £450.00, of which the BGA pays Acoura roughly £250.00 to have the shoot audited. The rest of the revenue is spent on running the business as a game marketing board. BGA members also receive tangible shoot owner benefits to help offset the cost of membership.


The BGA is just another organisation.

The BGA does not compete in this space and works very closely with all shooting organisations with the plan to hand directorship of the BGA over to the shooting bodies to run and use as a tool to defend and promote sustainable shooting. The BGA is a marketing board and runs an assurance scheme to self regulate. No other organisations offer this, yet all other meat producing sectors have such a body.


The Board and Advisory Committee are all paid large salaries.

Neither the Board or Advisory Committee get paid anything and have never. They have all given their time freely on behalf of the shooting community to get the BGA off the ground and help ensure a sustainable future for shooting, the sport they cherish.


The BGA pays huge staff salaries and staff have expensive company cars paid for by the BGA.

All staff salaries are set by the board of directors. There are no huge salaries paid, and the BGA hasn’t and wouldn’t pay for any company cars, they are all personal vehicles. The Board has total governance and any costs over £5000 requires two Board member signatures.


The BGA is very pushy and tries to scare monger people into joining.

The BGA has had to be fairly pushy in the early days to get it off the ground. Recognising the threats we are under there was a sense of urgency to make progress, and quickly. Now we are established our approach will change. The BGA would hope that this was never the case however with the time frames we were working against it may have come across like that.


They’ve upset all the dealers and they aren’t working with them.

The BGA is working actively with 15 processors across the UK and wishes to work with them all. Some don’t agree with the BGAs objectives but we hope time will show the direction and opportunity we are going in and there is only positive to be gained from working together.


They are not spending any money on marketing.

The BGA has limited resource and finances. With that said we make sure funds are spent wisely and have a targeted in-season approach to marketing, working with key chefs and influencers to drive the message of game to new consumers. Our focus is very much on current non-users of game beyond the shooting community and we feature in relevant and targeted publications for this.


The BGA are only for the big shoots

The BGA aim to bring a value back to the game market, which involves helping shoots of all sizes. We have tried to make the organisation as accessible as possible to everyone, which can be seen through our staggered membership.