BGA Stockist Wild and Game Launch Fundraiser

Exclusive opportunity to invest in Wild and Game.

Wild game specialist Wild and Game has already attracted considerable interest in its first ever funding round, ahead of the opportunity being opened to the public. Wild and Game source all their game from BGA registered and assured shoots.


The fundraiser is open to selected investors from today and will be open to the public next week. You can join this fundraiser and be part of the game revolution by clicking here.  Investments need not be large – they start at £10, so if you can spare the cost of a day’s shooting or fishing it will make a difference and will help to build the sales of game meat in the UK.


Founded in 2017, Wild and Game sells frozen game products including ready to cook meats, pies, pasties, sausages and charcuterie. The company was set up in response to two pressing issues: the environmental cost of intensive farming and the underconsumption of wild game meats in the UK – despite the fact that they are in plentiful supply here. Wild and Game’s vision is to encourage people to replace farmed meats with wild game, and for meats such as pheasant, venison and wild boar to become as common in supermarkets as chicken, beef or pork.


With a Trustpilot score of 4.7 stars, Wild and Game has grown rapidly over the past three years. It launched its direct-to-consumer operation in 2020 and achieved its first supermarket listing, with the Co-Op, in the same year. Since March 2020 it has shipped over 40,000 direct to customer orders and in the past six months it has exceeded £1 million in revenues. 


The company started life in Bristol and is now moving to larger premises in the West Country. It intends to use the investment from its current fundraising round to boost marketing and fulfilment and accelerate its progress towards putting game fully on the British menu.


Wild and Game co-founder Steven Frampton said:


“We’re strong believers in the potential of the wild game market in the UK. Wild game is healthy, has excellent sustainability credentials, and is in plentiful supply. We’ve worked hard over the past few years to get people more familiar with game because one of the first issues we had to address was that people were not used to eating it and were doubtful about how to cook with it. We’ve introduced thousands of people to the pleasures of eating game by putting it into some of the UK’s favourite recipes, and by giving our customers plenty of recipe inspiration to help them discover ways to cook with game at home. We’ve been pleased to see how many people try us once then become game converts – and because we sell frozen game, we’re able to make it available all year round, not just in game season.


“We’ve grown rapidly since launching our direct-to-consumer operation in 2020 and have great plans for the coming years, including putting game into more supermarkets and moving to new premises which will enable us to better serve our fast-growing customer base. We’re delighted to already be approaching our minimum fundraising target and we see this as a reflection of the growing appetite people have for wild game in the UK.”


BGA Chief Executive, Liam Stokes said,

“Wild and Game have been pioneers in both the online retailing of game, and sustainable game sourcing. Their feathered game is exclusively BGA Assured, and we are delighted to support their fundraising efforts as they seek to grow the market for this top quality product even further.”