British Game Alliance Ambassadors

Learn about our Ambassador scheme and meet our Ambassadors

As a new organisation based in London, the British Game Alliance (BGA) are very aware that we may feel distant or detached from the very community we are supporting. This led us to the creation of our Ambassador network.

Our Ambassadors are people from across the spectrum of the shooting industry from gamekeepers, to estate owners and passionate advocates. They are located across the UK, from the highlands of Scotland to the moors of the South West. They have their feet on the ground and fingers on the pulses of the day-to-day happenings in the industry.

Below is our list of Ambassadors and their locations if you wish to contact them.

If you would like to become an Ambassador please do contact us on or 0203 727 5204

NAME: Brian Mitchell


CONNECTION: Head Keeper at Castle Hill Estate


“To help secure my future as a Gamekeeper we have to stand together and it’s never been more important to ensure best practise through the BGA scheme. The modern food industry will not accept us if we don’t have traceability and be seen to be working to benefit nature.”

NAME: Robert Everitt

LOCATION: Northern Counties

CONNECTION: Hull Cartridges

NAME: John Queen

LOCATION: Northumberland

CONNECTION: Head Keeper at Linhope Estate

NAME: Tim Furbank

LOCATION: Cambridgeshire

CONNECTION: Director Oakbank Game & Conservation

NAME: George Sandys

LOCATION: Cumbria and Lancashire

CONNECTION: Graythwaite Shoot Manager


“I joined the BGA because I understand the enormity of the threat the shooting industry is under. Failure to act in the appropriate way, within an acceptable timeframe will see shooting severely restricted or at worst banned. The BGA is on a firm and steady course to securing our future, through their marketing board, self regulatory scheme with Acoura, auditing and their added value game products. It’s not a matter of if your shoot is a member, it’s a matter of when your shoot becomes a member.”

NAME: Mungo Ingleby

LOCATION: Scotland

CONNECTION: Sporting Agent

NAME: Philip Wolstenholme

LOCATION: Hampshire

CONNECTION: Sporting Agent at Roxtons

NAME: George Stephenson

LOCATION: Berkshire

CONNECTION: Chairman of Roxtons Field Sports

NAME: David Medforth

LOCATION: Yorkshire

CONNECTION: Raisthorpe Manor

NAME: David Johnstone

LOCATION: Scotland

CONNECTION: CEO Scottish Land and Estates

NAME: Alastair Margadale

LOCATION: Wiltshire

CONNECTION: Estate Owner

NAME: D’Arcy Wyvill

LOCATION: Yorkshire

CONNECTION: Estate Owner

“Being on the advisory board of the BGA combines my passion for shooting and my livelihood and gives me first-hand knowledge of the issues affecting both. The shooting industry needs to self-regulate itself before much tougher restrictions are forced upon us and the BGA has established a credible mechanism through the shoot audit scheme to prove provenance and best practice and we were one of the first shoots in the country to go through this process. Importantly it is also doing an incredible job of marketing Game as an ethical, sustainable and delicious food source beyond the traditional markets and I’m delighted to offer up my time and help champion such a great initiative.”

NAME: Edd Morrison

LOCATION: Yorkshire

CONNECTION: Dalesport Sporting Agency


NAME: Tom Payne

LOCATION: London & Surrounding Area

CONNECTION: Game Shooting Instructor, Pigeon Shooter, Writer for the Shooting Times and Author

“The BGA not only focuses on making sure that ethical standards are met by shoots but they also play a huge role in promoting game to the general public. The BGA sees the bigger picture”

NAME: Euan Webster

LOCATION: Scotland

NAME: Ian Coghill

LOCATION: Midlands

CONNECTION: Ex Chairman of the GWCT & BASC Comittee Member

“There is no silver bullet, but if we do not operate to best practice we have only ourselves to blame. The BGA creates an opportunity for the overwhelming majority of shots that do our sport proud to demonstrate their achievements to the world.”

NAME: Lynette Ross

LOCATION: Scotland


NAME: Adam Calvert

LOCATION: Oxfordshire

CONNECTION: Director of Calvert Sporting

NAME: Dick Murphy

LOCATION: London & Surrounding Area


NAME: George Gunn


CONNECTION: Fieldsports Photographer


NAME: Simon Evans

LOCATION: Western Counties

CONNECTION: Marsdens Game Feeds