British Game Alliance and DEFRA

The BGA is now engaged directly with DEFRA through two working groups.

Food Chain Emergency Liason Group

An emergency forum set up to help the food production, processing and retail sectors through the COVID crisis. It is a weekly dial-in, at which the Defra officials (all the way up to Director General) share updates of relevance to the food supply chain, and take questions. Membership also means we are sent a daily (ish) update email, and have access to an email address to raise our concerns with the Emergency Centre. It is attended by organisations representing the farming sectors and the food processing and retail sectors, as well as by really big industry players such as the major multiples.


Brexit Breeders Group

A Defra-led spin off of the Brexit Livestock Group (this group has been renamed to Livestock Chain Advisory Group), focussed on the livestock sectors that rely on European trade for their breeding operations. Prior to our membership, this was poultry, pig, beef, and sheep sectors. Now it is poultry, pigs and game. It meets quarterly, is chaired by Defra’s Food, Farming Sectors and Trade team and is attended by officials from across Defra, including Market Access, Animal Welfare and EU Exit teams, as well as industry representatives. This is a smaller, more focussed group, and as well as the quarterly meetings we can be in constant contact with the chair who can facilitate engagement across the Department. It essentially means we have a team of officials looking after game meat, just like any other meat commodity. In addition to the quarterly meetings, there have been additional extraordinary meetings to discuss Covid issues.