British Game Alliance Exceeds 500 Shoot Members

Significant Milestone Reached

The British Game Alliance (BGA) has hit a significant milestone, as more than 500 shoots in the UK have now signed up as members.

The BGA was formed with the aim of increasing the demand

for and the value of British game meat. By setting up an Assurance Scheme following a set of Shoot Standards, this offers participating shoots an unrivalled opportunity to demonstrate the beneficial impacts of the game industry from not only an environmental perspective, but also through sustainability and traceability.

Since its launch just over a year ago the British Game Alliance has seen significant success having signed up over 500 shoots and 18 game processors to its assurance scheme, developed two new markets for game overseas and has secured over 100 BGA assured stockists in the U.K, reaching over 3,000 food outlets.

Sam Adams, Shoot Account Manager at the BGA said, “We are delighted with the uptake in our first year of operation and cannot thank our shoot members enough for supporting our objectives. The BGA encourages shoots of all sizes to join to implement credible self-regulation across the shooting industry, ensuring we abide by and demonstrate our ‘best practice’, offering us political security for a sustainable future for shooting.”

For more information on how to sign up a shoot, become a supporter or BGA assured supplier and stockist information, visit