British Game Alliance Newsletter: August 2018

British Game Alliance Managing Director, Tom Adams writes: 

Another season is yet upon us with the grouse starting next week, I hope those that are fortunate enough to be out fair well.

The BGA is gathering pace with 150 registered members with another 50 signing up imminently, it’s great to see the early adopters jump on board and get behind the initiative. There is a long way to go and a mountain to climb, but we must climb it.

With the full support of all shooting organisations and the backing of shoots and moors including large commercials and small syndicates, the BGA is an initiative that represents us all with two clear objectives; bring back a commercial value to game across the nation and create a self-regulating community that secures us a sustainable future.

Everyone agrees that these two elements affect us all and need to be addressed. Expecting others to sort our issues out won’t solve anything and something we need to stop relying on. Embracing self-regulation is equally as important as addressing the game market and something that shouldn’t be overlooked, all other agricultural sectors have long recognised this and continue to invest in their future. So for those who have a strong market for their game or consume it all on the day, I would urge you to still be apart of the BGA and a part of the bigger picture.

The BGA continues to have some very positive and exciting meetings with new outlets for game this coming season, which in my next newsletter (next month) we hope to be able to make public. We have nearly completed our sales team and the strategy to take us forward. Believe it or not, it isn’t an easy task trying to bring game into the mainstream in a short period of time, retailers and many large manufacturers work nine months in advance when it comes to choosing shelf space.

The BGA can help you find a dealer/processor for your game if you’re needing a new home this season. Once you have registered your shoot you can send a notification to all BGA approved dealers/processors including the BGA team through our sell game feature, containing your game collection requirements, where it will put you in touch with possible new outlets.

We conducted our pilot shoot audits in Yorkshire a few weeks ago, with the attendance of the GWCT, BASC & CA who offered their expertise to Acoura when going around the shoots, it was great to see the shooting community unite. Please read the full article below. As the shoot owner quotes suggest these audits aren’t here to catch you out but to help us raise our game. We are working with Acoura to put together a record book for shoots to ensure they log the necessary details going forward. We will continue to develop other benefits for our shoots to help support them, we will keep you posted on this going forward.

Finally, for those that have already registered, I can’t encourage you enough to use the refer feature to get your shoot contacts to join the BGA, we will only succeed in our objectives if we all join and be a part of it and for those that haven’t please sign up here.


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