British Game Alliance Newsletter: October 2018 – Part 1

Bi-Monthly Newsletter

Dear All,


With Monday kicking off the start of the pheasants, the season is truly upon us even though the fantastic weather experienced this week, doesn’t feel like it.


The biggest news is the Welsh Assembly’s decision to ban game shooting on public land, this is a huge blow for shooting and should shock us all. I keep talking about it but the writing is on the wall, it is up to every one of us to pull together and put ourselves on the front foot.


The lobbyists, mainly anti shooting activists biggest point to influence Ministers decision was the lack of regulation on shooting and what impact this was having to the surrounding environment. The majority of shoots already abide by best practice, but that is not enough. If we can’t prove it and we don’t have a set benchmark which is third-party audited, we don’t have a credible argument. The BGA’s Assurance Scheme can give us this security and go a long way to defend shooting.


We continue to make great progress on the sale of game which you can see in our sales update below. We are very excited about the launch of our Eat Wild consumer-facing campaign which has been instigated, with our new website and social media channels now live. This will create the platform we need to bridge the gap between the game sector and the public. With a dedicated press team, utilising celebrity chefs and key influencers plus a punchy marketing we will be igniting the belly of the British public with a taste for game.


All of this comes at an expense and we thank the ever-growing 200+ member shoots who have registered their support enabling us to get thus far, plus the generous private benefactors. I hope anyone concerned about our sports future will see what value the BGA is bringing and that their support will ensure we continue to meet our objectives.


Kind regards,