British Game Alliance Newsletter: September 2018

British Game Alliance Managing Director, Tom Adams writes: 

I am very pleased to share some of the exciting success the BGA has had to date in this newsletter, I encourage you to read the articles which explains what we have been up to and some really exciting new markets we have won with our sales guys. We will be sending a newsletter every other week over the season so you’re up to date with the progress being made.

We are nearly at 200 member shoots along with 12 of the major processors with a good geographic spread which in just over three months is good going, we are gaining momentum and shoots of all sizes are joining, with 30% being small private syndicates. This is critical as the BGA represents us all, for those that have a market for their game and for those that don’t. We are all in the same boat and unless we stand united and invest together in our future we will always struggle to fight the bigger fight. Our British Game Assurance Scheme is as equally if not more important than the game market and this effects us all. The writing is on the wall and unless we put ourselves on the front foot by embracing self-regulation then we can only expect the unexpected which could change shooting as we know it.

We will soon be launching our consumer-facing campaign, including a new website, social media channels, a dedicated press team, along with some fantastic projects to engage the British public with game like never before. Running our marketing campaign alongside our sales team and assurance scheme opens up so many opportunities that have never been opened before, all that will ensure the game sector not only survives but thrives. As mentioned before it won’t happen overnight, there is a lot to be done but with this winning recipe and the support of the shooting community, we can make it work. To that effect, I must thank the 200 shoots that have believed in the BGA and taken that leap of faith, without their support we would not have had the resources to deliver what we are doing. Also, the support of individuals, almost all entirely working pro-bono on behalf of the BGA to help spread the word and rally the shooting fraternity under one umbrella, thank you.

David Lindars the BGA’s Operations Manager joined our auditing partner, Acoura and their assessors at Loddington with the GWCT where they have just finished their final training session this week and will be cracking on with their audits of member shoots by the end of the month, which is fantastic progress. They are here to help shoots raise the bar where necessary, working with them to find how they can meet the requirements and ensure best practice is being conducted from start to finish.

The BGA is here to help and be a resource for shoots, processors and other stakeholders in game-related matters if there are concerns, suggestions or opportunities that you believe the BGA should be looking into then please get in touch, we will do our best to help. You can get in touch with the team on: 0203 727 5204.

This has to work if we are to give ourselves the opportunity to shape our future and it needs everyone to be a part of it. I urge those that haven’t yet signed up who are now armed with the knowledge of our efforts and direction to do so and be apart of the bigger picture. You can sign up your shoot here.