British Game Alliance Processor Update

How the BGA works with the UK's Game Processors

The BGA is delighted to announce that it is working with 16 game processors in the U.K, covering 65% of the game market. The BGA has continued to secure relationships with a huge variation of processors around the country and celebrates that game processors will have different capabilities depending on their size – from smaller artisanal game processors working at a local level to larger operators working on an international basis – the BGA is eager to support the full range of businesses within the industry. 

“Working with the BGA we have seen a substantial increase in new business and without doubt, the BGA’s assurance scheme is the future for our customers. By driving demand through finding new markets, the BGA is meeting its objectives of bringing a value back to game.” Lincolnshire Game

Earlier this year, the BGA hosted a series of workshops and focus groups to update the processors on the work it has completed this year, ensuring game processors are included at every stage of the BGA’s work with the game meat market and new product development.

“Having forged a successful working relationship, we are now proud to be working closely with the BGA and see a tangible benefit from both the assurance scheme and the marketing board strengthening and securing the game market for the future.” – Will Oakley, Willo Game

Additionally, the BGA has facilitated six BGA-assured processors to obtain Safe and Local Supplier Approval (SALSA) certification this year. These workshops and courses have been organised in order to support the BGA’s aim of working to have a cohesive supply chain for British game meat, from processors to plate. The SALSA training raises the bar in regard to food hygiene and standards, by putting six processors through SALSA accreditation, the BGA aims to open up new markets for them.

“We are thrilled to have been approved by SALSA accreditation with the help of the BGA, we now have access to a wider scope of markets, and look forward to supplying them with BGA assured game.”

–  Jan Sole, Medstead Meats Ltd

When working with processors, the BGA will follow a strict set of guidelines of engagement with existing customers of BGA approved processors as well as circulating all new business opportunities identified by the BGA, to its approved members. As well as continuing to audit its shoot members, the BGA aims to be an interface between shoots and processors to drive standards and improve the quality of the game collected from shoots, with processors encouraging their shoots to join.

Nick Lister, Managing Director of Ox Close Fine Foods said,

“With most of the shoots that I collect from now being BGA members, I have seen a significant increase in the quality of the birds through shoots putting in chillers and better shoot infrastructure. The BGA’s standards have ensured that good game handling is at the top of its member’s priority list, resulting in me being able to pay more for that game.”

Nigel Draffen, BGA Shoot Member “Since joining the BGA and passing our audit which was hugely worthwhile, we moved to a BGA processor, who because of our audit paid us for our game whereas last year we didn’t get paid. The market is clearly getting back into balance thanks to  BGA’s efforts and also we must all recognise that we are food producers, which means that there has to be auditable standards if our sporting industry is to survive.”

Simpson Game “Simpson Game prides itself on quality assurance and standards, which is why we are members of the British Game Alliance. We believe their independent Auditing scheme for shoots is the future for the game sector.”

Tom Adams, Managing Director of the BGA said

“The BGA are actively interested in furthering the UK’s game processors businesses, as well as giving them a chance to tender for more business, whilst the BGA works to secure more outlets for game and our new commercial products with the UK’s supermarkets and wider outlets. We recently secured our first major overseas trade agreement for 250,000 birds to be exported for use in retail and high-end restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau this season”