British Game Alliance to supply thousands of British shops and restaurants with wild game

The BGA is securing wholesaler and restaurant listings in its bid to grow the wild game market.

The British Game Alliance, has been busy securing new outlets for Assured British Game and has had great success to date. Wright Brothers, the acclaimed seafood restaurant chain who also operate a wholesale arm supplying 250 top restaurants and hotels in London will now be stocking BGA assured game to their clients for the first time:

Michelin-starred Nobu London and Ottolenghi who operate 5 fantastic restaurants have both signed up to stock BGA Assured Game.

Nobu London’s Executive Chef Mark Edwards saying: “It’s fantastic the BGA has initiated an assurance scheme for the game sector, I look forward to procuring game this season from a BGA source, supporting their sustainable and ethical standards”.

Whilst Chris Stephens, Head of Purchasing for Ottolenghi says “now the BGA have an assurance scheme for game we are really positive about serving it in our restaurants”

Some of the other big wins include;

Carnivore, Reynolds’s fresh meat division who are the biggest greengrocer and fresh produce suppliers and distribute nationally to over 2000 sites.

Billfields, which is London’s premium butcher, supplying some of the best and well-known London restaurants.

PSL, the UK’s leading purchasing consultant with over 50 hotel groups on the books now pushing game as a viable and versatile alterative to other products.

For game to receive BGA assurance, it must be reared, shot and processed according to strict guidelines governing everything from how the birds are treated with antibiotics to the way shoots manage natural habitats – and all of these regulations guarantee BGA-assured produce to be sustainable, ethical and high quality. So, by choosing the BGA, these new wholesalers and restaurants are choosing the absolute best for their customers.

This is a huge step forwards in the mission of the British Game Alliance. Established in 2017 in an effort to revitalise the market, the BGA has introduced a strict assurance scheme and is proactively promoting the versatility, flavour, and health benefits of wild game, aiming to grow consumer awareness and boost sales.

Tom Adams, Managing Director of the British Game Alliance, said: “These exciting new relationships demonstrate that we’re already delivering on our mission: to strengthen the market and bring game to more plates than ever before.

“By continuing to secure clients like these, the BGA will grow from strength to strength – and ensure more, and better, game for British consumers.”