Market Access and Government Meetings

Discovering new avenues for game and working with government stakeholders.

The British Game Alliance was set up in April 2018 as the marketing board for feathered game and as an assurance scheme to self-regulate shooting. The BGA now has over six hundred and twenty shoots onboard and seventeen game processors as members. Over the last few months, the BGA has met with governing bodies such as DEFRA, Natural England, Scottish Natural Heritage, and the National Parks to ensure that there is a future of shooting and new markets for game. They want to work with the BGA and its vision for self-regulation across the shooting and game meat industries.  

Further to the meetings with government stakeholders the BGA arranged and attended a series of meetings with large landowning bodies such as the Forestry Commission and National Trust as well as North Yorkshire and Exmoor National Parks. These organisations face significant pressure from external stakeholders against shooting. The BGA assurance scheme provides them with a tool to protect and promote sustainable shooting on their land. These bodies are looking to drive BGA membership to implement best practice and self-regulation. 

Meetings with organisations such as Natural England and Scottish Natural Heritage took place last month, where key figureheads carefully acknowledged the British Game Alliance as a beneficial step forward for self-regulation in the shooting industry. The BGA is fully opposed to the statutory licensing of shooting as they provide a robust and credible auditing process through an independent body (Acoura) so the discussion around licensing should not be necessary. The BGA plans to work with these bodies to provide a viable resource for all to work with.

BGA’s MD, Tom Adams is also meeting with the DEFRA team conduction the game bird releasing review to ensure that all feasible options are put forward and discussed.

The most recent meeting with the DEFRA Market Access Team was hugely positive. Tom Adams discussed important issues around arranging for new export licenses into new countries for game in order to reduce our reliance on Europe. The Market Access team also explored the possibility of utilising existing markets in place for poultry and adding on game as part of the existing licences.

A consultation meeting was held by the Welsh Government to review the Welsh codes for rearing and releasing of game birds. A BGA representative attended the meeting to explain the auditing process and to ensure that the shooting industry’s best interests were being heard.

The BGA encourages shoots of all sizes to join its cause to implement credible self-regulation across the shooting industry to ensure it abides by best practice, offering political security and a sustainable future. This is not just an issue for the large, commercial shoots. It is the responsibility of the whole industry to demonstrate best practice. 

For more information or if wishing to join the BGA please contact Sam the BGA Shoot Account Manager at, or to become a supporter or BGA assured supplier and discover stockist information, visit .