British Game Alliance Works with Game Processors in Workshop Series

The British Game Alliance has commenced a series of workshops with the UK's game processors, to better facilitate a working relationship and unified supply chain for British game ahead of this season.

Last month, the BGA hosted two workshops and focus groups with some of
the UK’s leading game processors to update them on the work they have completed in their first year of business, as well as seeking suggestions on how the BGA can better work with the processors to benefit the industry as a whole. The BGA aim to continue to host these workshops, ensuring game processors are included at every stage of the BGA’s work with the game meat market and new product development. With the first meeting focusing on BRC plants and the opportunities that present themselves. Further meetings have been arranged for FSA and SALSA plants in a similar


Additionally, the BGA are facilitating four BGA-assured processors to obtain Safe and Local Supplier Approval (SALSA) certification this year. These workshops and courses have been organised in order to support the BGA’s aim of working to have a cohesive supply chain for British game meat, from processors to plate.


Tom Adams, Managing Director of the British Game Alliance said, “The BGA is keen to build a stronger working relationship with its processors, listening to their feedback and working with them and our other stakeholders for a sustainable future for game. The opportunity and progress is evident but we have work to do to ensure the BGA continues to deliver for all, which we will do.


Craig Stevenson, Managing Director of Braehead Foods in East Ayrshire, Scotland, said “Braehead Foods is delighted to be working with the BGA as we can see what the BGA offers the future of the industry and we support its objectives. We are hoping to source our game in the coming season from only BGA member shoots. We can see that the regulation the BGA are providing across the whole process will reassure consumers of the quality and provenance of the game they are buying and also help us better the quality we take in


The BGA acknowledges and celebrates that game processors will have different capabilities depending on their size – from smaller artisanal game processors working at a local level to larger operators working on an international basis – the BGA is eager to support the full range of businesses within the industry.


Will Oakley, Director of WilloGame, a BGA assured game processor in Shropshire, said “WilloGame, as one of the leading Wild Game producers in the UK, is delighted to be involved with the BGA. Wild Game is a wonderful source of high quality low cholesterol food and, at a time when the consumption of Game is increasing and when the consumer is far more interested in where his or her food comes from, the setup of the BGA could not have come at a better time.”


He continued, “The BGA accredited and audited system offer an exact trail from the field to the plate and compliments our own very high standards at WilloGame. The BGA kite mark therefore confirms and compliments the highest of standards and quality on any Wild Game featuring it. In addition, the BGA are proactive in widening the sales and export of Game outside our own Company’s domestic and export customer base. This has to be an excellent course as new markets and consumers can enjoy the versatility of quality BGA accredited UK Wild Game.