British Game Alliance

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the BGA different from other initiatives?

The British Game Alliance is the first organization to focus exclusively on promoting British game.  We exist to broaden the market for game birds through a number of routes: implementing a quality assurance scheme, embarking on national marketing campaigns and working with commercial partners to help them market and sell game more effectively.  There are other initiatives that promote game from within other organizations.  These are partners and supporters of ours.  We always look to work collaboratively whenever possible.

How does the BGA ensure that its standards are being adhered to?

When shoots become affiliated with the BGA they sign up to adhering to our set of standards.  This document, while comprehensive, is short enough to be fully understood by all our members.  It can be seen here.  It is not possible to be at every days shooting for every shoot.  However, we work with external and experienced auditors, who inspect 25% of our shoots each year.  This means that at random and unexpectedly a BGA shoot will be inspected every 4 years.  These inspections, coupled with the threat of public revocation of BGA membership, ensure that out standards are followed.

How is the BGA financed?

The BGA has three lines of primary income:

  1. Membership dues from shoots
  2. Shooters who opt in to an optional levy of 50p per bird for the BGA
  3. A number of commercial partnerships from within the shooting industry

We also have small income streams from individual donations and fundraising events.