British Game Assurance Celebrates Launch of DukesHill’s New Wild British Game Collection

DukesHill is the newest BGA stockist to be selling game for the first time.

Royal Warrant holder, artisan food producer and fine food supplier DukesHill has launched a delicious new Wild British Game Collection in collaboration with British Game Assurance and Eat Wild. 


With an uncompromising commitment to sourcing and creating delicious British produce with the highest regard for animal welfare, DukesHill’s new Wild British Game Collection carries the British Game Assurance (BGA) stamp, and offers the very best in quality, provenance and taste.


Since 2018 Eat Wild, alongside British Game Assurance (BGA), has focussed on introducing new people to eating and cooking with game meat, as well as securing new markets for game. The game market has grown 7% since its operation began and Eat Wild has introduced hundreds of thousands of new people to game through events, marketing, and social media. 


This collaboration with DukesHill adds to this success. Established in 1985 in Shropshire curing ham using time-honoured traditional techniques, DukesHill is renowned for championing artisan producers whose skilled use of unique and traditional methods create outstanding food and flavours. Today, DukesHill’s reputation and range continues to grow with the introduction of the new Wild British Game Collection.  Naturally lean, packed full of flavour and 100% British, the new wild game is responsibly sourced from approved British estates who ensure all game is handled and cared for correctly.


Louisa Clutterbuck, CEO of British Game Assurance and Eat Wild said:

“We are thrilled to have collaborated with DukesHill to create their new Wild British Game Collection, bringing game to the plates of more and more people. The collection celebrates all that is great about game; its astonishing versatility, its healthiness, and its sustainability as a supremely free range, low-carbon-footprint meat. Better still, all the meat within the collection is BGA-assured, meaning it’s guaranteed to be high quality and sustainably sourced. I encourage everyone to head to DukesHill and take their pick of a very tantalising selection of game products from the venison wellington, to the three bird game roast, and more.”


Mark Gallagher, CEO of DukesHill said:

“Our new Wild British Game Collection offers the very best in quality, provenance and taste and we are delighted that it is BGA-assured. DukesHill is committed to sourcing and creating delicious British produce and so it was hugely important to us to responsibly source British game that has the highest regard for animal welfare.”

The DukesHill Venison Loin Fillet and Venison Wellington will be available from 6th September. The full DukesHill Game Collection will be available from 4th October at: