Celebrity Chefs show their support for The British Game Alliance’s Eat Wild campaign

Famous chefs give Eat Wild their seal of approval at the campaign launch to get people to think differently about game

eat.Wild is a campaign by the British Game Alliance, the official marketing board for game, that aims to show the British public a delicious new side to wild game. Below you can find a recap of our hugely successful launch event, including quotes from celebrity chefs/attendees Shaun Rankin, Brian Turner and our Campaign Ambassador, Nigel Haworth. Attached alongside this press release is our recipe booklet, which contains 12 delicious recipes, including Slow Roast Pheasant Ramen and Partridge with Game Chips.


Brian Turner and Shaun Rankin have pledged their support for Eat Wild, the BGA’s new campaign to raise awareness of assured wild game. The prominent chefs were alsojoined by Rick Stein and campaign ambassador chef Nigel Haworth to sample a range of dishes made using pheasant, partridge, grouse and duck, to show how delicious and versatile game is.


Eat Wild is leading the way with the first nationwide campaign of its kind. The far-reaching activity will create opportunities for more game to be stocked in supermarkets and farm shops across the UK, and proactively marketing the health and environmental benefits of game to consumers. Tom Adams from the British Game Alliance (BGA) and Nigel Haworth hosted the launch event, using it as a springboard to challenge perceptions and break barriers to trial.


Commenting on the campaign, Tom Adams, Managing Director of the BGA said: “Not only is game a healthy choice, assured BGA game means that produce is reared to high welfare standards and is sustainable. Eat Wild highlights the flavour, versatility and health benefits to UK consumers and encourages them to think differently about game.”


Nigel Haworth, Chef Ambassador of Eat Wild, said: “I’m delighted that some well-known chefs have shown their support for the campaign as it’s really going to help get the positive messages about game out there. By promoting assured game and all the great things it offers, an increasing number of people will start cooking with it. To help, we’ve developed a range of exciting recipes that the public can enjoy, not only as they taste great, but because they use a meat that is produced in a sustainable way.”


Brian Turner added, “Game is nutritious, is good for you and is very, very tasty. So what the BGA will do will assure that you’ve got the tastiest, most health-conscious food you can have – enjoy!”


Shaun Rankin also embraces the health and sustainable aspects of game: “Obviously the health benefits of game are outstanding, it’s a natural source of protein with very low fat. It’s a highly sustainable product with natural feeds, therefore you have the confidence that what your eating is natural and from its own habitat. What I like to do with Grouse in particular is poach in chicken stock, with garlic, thyme and rosemary and for that extra special touch, a drizzle of truffle oil. Poach for 4 minutes, rest and fry with some oil in a hot grill for 3 mins so the skin colours and crisps, rest for a few minutes. Breast is pink, legs are tender and moist.”


Jack Knott, Project Manager of the Game to Eat initiative, said: “Through it’s set of standards the British Game Alliance has the ability to push the game market to the next level. It was truly refreshing to see a number of celebrity food chefs and plenty of personnel from the food industry attend the BGA launch and throw their weight behind the objectives of this new organisation.”


Annette Woolcock from BASC says ‘BASC fully supports the BGA and are delighted they are launching their Eat Wild Campaign which, alongside The Taste of Game, broadens the appeal of game as a healthy, sustainable and exciting food source’.