Correct Game Disposal

A short summary on how to dispose of your game in the correct manner.

The processing of game, like the processing of any meat, will produce waste. All animal food processing waste comes under Animal By-Product Regulations, and so must be incinerated in a machine which meets Defra standards or rendered at an approved waste disposal contractor. As such if you do not have access to an approved incinerator for your animal waste, then it must be disposed of by an approved contractor.


Confusion on this issue tends to come from an an exemption to the Animal By-Product Regulations that allows the burial (in properly constructed pits, located away from watercourses, covered to a depth of at least a metre etc etc) of whole carcasses of healthy wild animals. This exemption does not apply to any birds that have been processed for meat, which all shot birds clearly must be unless they are unfit for human consumption. To reiterate an obvious point: all shot birds must be processed for human consumption. Attempting to dispose of shot birds that are fit for consumption, without first processing them for meat, is unacceptable and any such proven incidents would result in expulsion from the British Game Alliance.


Similarly, any failure to appropriately dispose of the waste products produced by the processing of game birds is a breach of the British Game Alliance Standards and will result in disciplinary action if proven.


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