Donations Raised Through The 50p Levy

We are delighted to announce that Roxtons and Ian Coley Sporting have raised a tremendous £43,000 towards the British Game Alliance Fighting Fund.

George Stephenson, Chairman of Roxtons gives Tom Adams, MD of British Game Alliance the RBR Groups donations.

We would personally like to thank both Roxtons and Ian Coley for their continued support, but particularly the guns who have donated so generously this season with the 50p levy donations. “Roxtons and Ian Coley Sporting are delighted to be supporting the BGA and we have been encouraging all of the estates we represent to become members. We’ve also had tremendous support for the BGA from the guns who shoot with us and would like to thank them for their generosity so far this season. We all agree that the BGA is a crucial development in terms of self-regulation within the shooting community and addressing the problems we face.” – John Duncan, Director, Roxtons.


Ivan Shenkman, Chairman of the Board for British Game Alliance said “It’s fantastic to see the great response Roxtons and Ian Coley have received from their clients with the 50p levy, these funds are so crucial to the BGA’s financing and we hope all shoots and agents will adopt it on their invoices next season.” Ivan Shenkman, Chairman of British Game Alliance Board.”


The 50p levy is vital to the sustainability of the BGA in the early stages to help open new markets both in export and here at home for British game. The money raised through the levy is also used to raise the profile of game to the British public and pay for the shoot audits.


Ian Coley MBE says “Ian Coley Sporting are proud to support the British Game Alliance. Our clients and the Estates that we work with have been incredibly generous – I think we all recognise the vital importance of securing a sustainable future for the game industry.”