Eat Game Awards

The BGA team and their guests attended the Eat Game Awards at Boisdale Canary Wharf

We were delighted to take a table of 10 to The Eat Game Awards to help support them in promoting British game. The awards were set up to create demand, interest and understanding for the produce of the game industry throughout the United Kingdom.


We ate a delicious menu that included a charcuterie of partridge, teal and mallard, followed by a refreshing Game Consommé, a divine Highland Grouse Wellington and an aromatic Pheasant Murgh Makhani finished off with array of an English cheeses. Richard Britten-Long declared “I think the food was delicious and way beyond my expectation!”


We asked Rebecca from Together Agency her thoughts on the evening “Jonathan and I were kindly invited by the BGA’s Thomas Adams and his team to join them at one of game’s most celebrated nights of the year: The Eat Game awards.

It was a wonderful evening that highlighted the industry and fully understood the challenges, looking at how we can all move forward into a sustainable future. With the British Game Alliance leading the way, that future looks more certain than ever.


We were thrilled that Tristan Prudden who is Head Chef at the British Game Alliance assured shoot, Constable Burton Hall and Estate, won the award for The Eat Game Awards 2018 Champion of Champions, thank you to all those who showed their support and voted for him.

Charlie McVeigh, a BGA Board member said “The food was delicious, and not surprisingly, all game….the theme of the evening was the vital importance of consuming all the game we shoot.” 


Digby from GunsOnPegs and Louisa from British Game Alliance show off the Talking Game magazine that will be going out to all BGA shoot members.