Eat Wild with the British Game Alliance

The British Game Alliance has just launched Eat Wild, its new consumer-facing campaign, the launch event will be held on 18th October 2018.

Eat Wild is game like it’s never been seen before. It’s lean, free-range, healthy meat cooked in exciting ways, from teriyaki pheasant to pan-fried partridge. It’s new and fresh, starting conversations with a whole new audience. It’s challenging, tackling factory farmed meat head on and showing the nation that game is nothing at all like they expected.


It’s the brand new campaign by the British Game Alliance – and it’s changing the face of game forever.


Created by the BGA, the official marketing board for game, Eat Wild is designed to raise the profile of the industry with contemporary recipes, exciting serving suggestions and a huge education piece on the benefits of wild game.


It’s the first nationwide campaign of its kind, due to appear in stores, advertising, and online aiming to drive demand and get people talking – starting with an invite-only launch event hosted by the campaign ambassador, celebrity chef Nigel Haworth. And, by specifically promoting ethically produced, sustainable BGA-assured game, the campaign will be challenging perceptions and breaking barriers to trial, too.


Tom Adams, Managing Director of the British Game Alliance, said: “It’s by being on consumers’ minds that we get game onto their plates. Through Eat Wild, we’re showing a new generation that game is exciting, modern and unexpected.

“That means the campaign is essential not just to the BGA, but to the survival of game as a whole. I hope everyone will get behind Eat Wild and help us to make it a success.”


Nigel Haworth, Chef Ambassador of Eat Wild, said: “As the campaign ambassador, I’m right behind the cause. By promoting game and all it offers, we’re ensuring it has a future – and is tasted, and loved, by generations to come.”


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