Food Matters Live

Tom our Managing Director talks at the Food Matters Live event.

This season we have attended several trade shows including most recently, Food Matters Live. Held, coincidentally, the same week as Great British Game Week, we headed to Food Matters Live (FML) 2018 to meet innovators in the health, food and nutrition industry.

FML connects like-minded people working in food, drink and nutrition and it provides a platform to share game-changing ideas, innovations and insights. The ambition of Food Matters Live is to change the future of food and drink, and the health of the planet for the better.

During the show, Managing Director of the BGA, Tom Adams, had the opportunity to speak about Eat Wild and the British Game Alliance, whilst assisting with a demo that allowed its audience to try a selection of freshly cooked game meats. Trade shows like these are just one of the ways that we are promoting game to new markets and new groups of people, demonstrating the wealth of health and nutritional benefits that this food possesses.


Watch Tom speaking here:

“We were delighted to have the British Game Alliance participate at the Food Matters Live event at ExCeL on the 20th November alongside Bingham & Jones.  As the event focused upon the future of food, it was great to have the involvement of this innovative organisation who are demonstrating why game is a meat that has so many health and sustainability benefits.  Our visiting mix of retailers, foodservice companies, thought leaders, manufacturers and consumer-influencers were treated to a live cookery demonstration from award-winning chefs Bingham & Jones who showed how using game more widely is a future trend to be noted. We look forward to working with the BGA in the next edition of Food Matters Live on the 19-20th November, 2019.” David Ventris-Field, Account Director, Food Matters Live.