Foxdenton Estate Company

BGA Brand Partner Foxdenton Estate Company discusses the company's rich history, involvement in the Shooting industry and what is coming up for them in 2022.

Please could you tell us some of the history of Foxdenton?

Foxdenton Estate Company was formed in 1935 by my Grandfather Major C R E Radclyffe to help try and preserve a small part of the English countryside. When I took over running the company in 2002 we decided to focus on liqueurs which as a family we had been making for many years. As such we started the Foxdenton Gin brand in 2009 and since then have grown to a company supplying both in the UK as well as across Europe



By being a brand partner, you are showing your support for the BGA’s efforts. Why do you feel the BGA Assurance Scheme is important to the future of the shooting industry?

The shooting industry has got to show its credentials as a supplier of sustainable food and the only way to be able to deal with large retailers is to have a “kitemark” style assurance product that works across the whole country. We need the equivalent of the Red Tractor symbol for Game supplied in the UK. Without this and without a market for our game then I fear shooting will lose the friends it currently has.

Why was it important for your brand to support the BGA?

Since the very first bottle we sold to Ripley Castle in 2009 we have been supplying shoots cross the country and it is central to our position in the Gin market. We would rather be a big player in a small market than try to compete with the giants of the industry in areas we know little about. Given that shooting is key to our brand we have to support all the ways of protecting the sport for the future.

What are the biggest changes you have seen in the shooting industry over the last 5 years?

A much bigger appreciation of the need to consume game as well as shoot numbers gradually increasing. I have been on many more shoots that stand 10 guns rather than 8 – an impact of the relentlessly rising costs of shooting. 

Why do you feel the discount is a benefit to BGA members?

Given that shoots will be consuming Sloe or Damson gin on the day our discount on both products allows all shoots (small or large) to get bespoke labels at a very advantageous price for a much lower minimum order quantity. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your key plans, events and/or any new products for 2022?

We are getting back out and about to as many country shows as we can this year so that people can get the chance to try our gins. We are also producing a Jubilee Summer Pudding gin liqueur to mark 2022 and already trials have seen huge interest from those lucky enough to taste the new edition. This will be on sale on our website from May 8th. We continue to offer our famous Goliath (4.5 litre) bottles and these are joined by the new Magnum of 1.5 litres.



Anything else you would like to include?

Our range of flavours is always expanding but the commitment to quality and to sourcing the fruit from British farms is constant and one we cherish. Real Fruit, Real Flavour.


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