Game Farm: Burrington Game Farm

In a new blog series, we speak to BGA registered Game Farms to see why they signed up.

What does it mean to be one of the first adopters of the BGA Game Farm Assurance Scheme?

Being a part of the BGA because it gives me and my customers a piece of mind that the poults I am rearing and selling have been reared to a good code of practice and welfare standard. As long as the BGA is strict on people that don’t comply with the guidance and codes so shoots know that it is a strict and dedicated assurance scheme.

Why do you think it is important that Game Farms sign up to the BGA?

To ensure that poults are reared to a high standard, showing the industry and general public that welfare and husbandry is our main concern when it comes to rearing and even selling game birds.

Why should we encourage shoots to only buy from BGA registered Game Farms?

So there is a paper trail of birds being reared and sold, so there is a trail of source, age and antibiotic use in that batch of birds they bought, which then would hopefully encourage the general public and the FSA to then start selling game meat in the markets more, making dead game worth more in the food industry rather than being discarded, which shines a bad light in the eyes of the public.

Who is the best contact if a BGA member would like to buy from you?

Myself – Rob Short. All my contact details can be found on either my website ( or our Facebook page.