Game Farm: Meadow Game

Meet James Singlehurst, BGA registered game farmer.

What does it mean to be one of the first adopters of the BGA Game Farm Assurance Scheme?

From the outset I was keen to be involved in the concept of self-regulation and being seen to be doing the right thing. Knowing that if we don’t embrace meaningful self-regulation then in the future it may be forced upon us. I was definitely a supporter from the outset and I always felt that you needed to offer a full range of assurance across shoots, game farms and processors, so that we can aim for full traceability. I was only too happy to enrol for the game hatchery assurance scheme and I’m delighted Meadow Game are members.


Why do you think it is important that Game Farms sign up to the BGA?

So that we are all seen to be endorsing high standards of husbandry and traceability. It’s great to see so many other forward-thinking estates and game farms signing up, as for the first time we have had access to independently-audited assurance which is such a huge step forward for our sector.


Why should we encourage shoots to only buy from BGA registered Game Farms?

As an industry, I would like to think we can all benefit from high standards and in order for us to be fully traceable throughout the supply chain, both game farms and shoots must be independently audited. By buying from assured game farms, shoots can have confidence in the rearing and quality of the poults they are buying.


Who is the best contact if a BGA member would like to buy from you?

For information and to discuss your order requirements please contact me, James Singlehurst, and we can take you through everything you need to know about Meadow Game: 07710 535 535.