Game Farm: Perfect Poults

Dominic Boulton, ex GFA Chairman discusses his involvement with the BGA.

What does it mean to be one of the first adopters of the BGA Game Farm Assurance Scheme?


As an advocate of high standards and transparency in the game-rearing sector I can’t imagine not being a member of the assurance scheme, which I feel is long overdue. I can’t deny a certain sense of pride in being one of the first game-farmers to be assured in this way.


Why do you think it is important that Game Farms sign up to the BGA?


Effective and meaningful Self-Assurance is vital to protect the long-term future of the shooting sector. The BGA is currently the only organisation operating an assurance scheme for game-farms and without it, our future is, at best, very uncertain.


Why should we encourage shoots to only buy from BGA registered Game Farms?


Assured game-farms need to be supported if the scheme is to be successful and the shoot can be confident that their birds have been reared to high standards, ensuring full “egg to plate” traceability.


Who is the best contact if a BGA member would like to buy from you?


Dominic Boulton