Game Meat March

This month is Game Meat March, a campaign to promote the sustainability, health and environmental benefits of game in response to anti-meat campaigns.

The British Game Alliance has been liaising with its BGA-assured stockists to offer a discount on game throughout March to celebrate the #GameMeatMarch campaign, as well as further spread the word to get the general public involved. 


#GameMeatMarch is being run and supported by The Exmoor Game Company, with the aim to promote the health and environmental benefits of game for the whole month of March. 


The campaign is asking people to share ideas with the #gamemeatmarch hashtag, to continue to promote the flexibility and benefits of game meat to a wider audience. In response to this, the British Game Alliance is supporting by organising month-long discounts from the following BGA stockists on game products:

  • The Exmoor Game Company is offering 10% off all products using GMM2021 at checkout. The Exmoor Game Company has a sole focus on making accessible, delicious game products. 
  • Holme Farmed Venison is offering 10% off its entire range of award winning, prime quality, sustainable venison and feathered game, with the discount code on the website GMM2021.
  • MC Kelly’s The Meat Box Company is delighted to offer 20% off all game products on the website, from standard to customised Meat Boxes, pies and more. They are also offering 20% off Raw Pheasant & Beef Raw Dog Food from The Farmer’s Dog.
  • Wild and Game is offering 10% off all products until the end of March. Wild & Game offer a range of game meat products including pies, pasties, sausages, ready meals and more
  • Talking Game is offering 25% off the magazine, which includes recipes from top UK chefs and shoots. 


Jack Hills, Founder of The Exmoor Game Company said,

“We wanted to support the industry with the Game Meat March campaign to promote the vast environmental and health benefits as well as the sustainability of game meat over a dedicated month. By visiting our Instagram page, people can find great discounts and innovative recipe ideas making it all the more accessible for people to enjoy eating and cooking with game.”


Louisa North, Head of Operations at the BGA said,

“Game Meat March was set up in a similar response as #Regenuary was to #Veganuary. Although we try and promote the health and environmental benefits of game on a daily basis, we want to throw our support behind any campaign that dedicates a focus towards the delicious ways game meat can be used. We look forward to seeing the exciting dishes people create!”


Nigel Sampson, Managing Director of Holme Farmed Venison said,

“We’re delighted to be offering customers 10% off our entire online range to celebrate Game Meat March. We support any campaign that seeks to promote the benefits of eating and cooking with game and you can even buy BGA-assured pheasant and partridge from your local Sainsbury’s, which sits alongside our Sainsbury’s Scottish Wild TTD Range, so plenty of ways to get cooking.”


For more information on how to get involved with Game Meat March, visit @gamemeatmarch, @letseatwild and @britishgamealliance on social media.