Game Week Winner: Pheasant Burger Recipe

Congratulations to Ben Drake for this glorious creation he entered in our British Game Week Competition. Read in his words how he makes it.

I use the same recipe for my pheasant burgers as I do for my pheasant sausage rolls. The mixture is so versatile and the flavours can also be adapted or added to.


Pheasant Burger

This makes 10lb of burger / sausage meat but quantities can be reduced or multiplied.


  • 5lb of pheasant
  • 2 1/2lb pork (60/40) fat
  • 3/4lb of rusk or breadcrumbs
  • 1 1/2lb of cold water
  • 1/4lb of your desired sausage seasoning
  • I also used 1/2lb of chorizo

I start by adding the rusk to the water and let it hydrate.

I then start mincing all the pheasant, pork and chorizo on a coarse plate ( I use 8mm).

Next I will give the minced up meat a quick hand mix to evenly combine the mixture.

I then add in the seasoning and rusk and give it a really good mix making sure there is no lumps of rusk or seasoning.

Once you have achieved this I cover with cling film and chill along with the mincer head for around 1/2 hour.

Once it has chilled is time to put the mixture back through the mincer on the coarse plate again.

The next step is to mix by hand to create what is called the primary bind, you will know when you have achieved this as the mixture becomes more sticky and will stick to your hand if you lift it above the bowl. This is your burger meat all made now. I usually cover with cling film and chill.


Venison Burger

For the venison burger I used well trimmed venison some may say it’s only a burger but you get a better quality burger with spending the extra time trimming the up with the knife.

To start of put your venison through the mincer on a course plate ( 8mm )

Now for the seasoning as with the pheasant this can be adapted and you can be as experimental as much as you like, but for this recipe I go with a simple salt and pepper mix.

1g black pepper to 100g of venison and 2g salt to 100g of venison

Mix thoroughly and then it’s once more through the mincer. If you like a course burger mince on the 8mm plate if you like it with a finer texture use a 4.5mm plate.

Once it’s gone through the mincer for the second time is a quick hand mix to combine all the flavours together, I cover with cling film and chill for 1/2 hour.

I made 1/8 lb patties for this recipe as it’s fast to cook and give the burger an eye catching look.

You can either weigh the mixture out or if you have a food portioner ( ice cream scoop works well ) use this. My portioner is 1/4 lb so I cut my half ball in half.

There are many ways to press/form the burgers I use a burger press but the same thing can be achieved by hand forming or using the spatula when putting the meat in a hot pan ( smash burger style )

I always cook my burgers in a hot pan and only flip when they have got a good char on the surface this builds flavours.


The Building Of The Burger

I lightly toasted the bun and started the layering of flavours buy spreading a little garlic mayo on the bottom bun then some crispy lettuce and some caramelise red onion. First burger in the bun was the pheasant then the venison then a thin slice of black pudding crispy bacon and more caramelised red onion, I repeated the layering again and covered with melted cheddar cheese, to make this burger stack even more epic I added a runny fried egg on top, for the final layer of flavour I spread some hot sauce on the top of the bun.

Every element of this recipe is adaptable and there is so much room for experimenting.

I hope you all enjoy either making this epic burger or making your own adaptation of it.