Gattertop Drink Co

BGA Brand Partner Gattertop Drink Co tell us more about the botanical vodka market

Please could you tell us some of the history of Gattertop Drinks Co?

The home of Gattertop Drinks Co is the ancient farm of the same name in Herefordshire, which dates back to 1085 and is referred to (as Gadredehope) in the Domesday book. It stands in its own valley, among undulating fields, woodland and orchards that have borne fruit for thousands of years.

It was a glut of the delicious damsons from the orchards at Gattertop each summer that inspired the creation of the brand. After much experimenting, Gemmas damson vodka formula proved exceptionally popular with friends and family and she was persuaded to create it in larger quantities. Production increased from litre bottles and demijohns to full size barrels and moved from the kitchen to a barn on the farm – and the first product – Damson No 12 vodka liqueur was born.

Since then, Founder Gemma Standeven, identified a gap in the botanical vodka market as an alternative to Gin.  Using vodka is the perfect alcohol base, it doesn’t have a distinctive flavour, aroma or colour, which is brilliant for showcasing the fruit and botanicals in their own right.


By being a brand partner, you are showing your support for the BGA’s efforts. Why do you feel the BGA Assurance Scheme is important to the future of the shooting industry?

In our approach to our Damson No 12 production we feel that we need some accountability to our customers and the wider public and to ensure that there is reasonable decision making in every aspect of our production and distribution.  We widely publicise our process as we feel it is integral to the product.  The shooting industry is no different and should conform to the highest standard – we feel that the BGA are well placed to undertake this role and promote the benefits. 


Why was it important for your brand to support the BGA?

Our product is based in the very heart of the English countryside making use of a much overlooked fruit from our orchards.  Supporting nature, improving habitats and restoring existing woodlands and orchards through our products and processes is at the heart of Gattertop Drinks Co.  

Shoots form an important role in shaping our countryside and how it is managed.  Wildlife thrives where land is managed effectively.  We want to support responsible land management and support others who are promoting sustainable practices, the protection and preservation of the countryside.


What are the biggest changes you have seen in the shooting industry over the last 5 years?

One of the largest changes to the shooting industry over the last 5 years is the increasing scrutiny that the shooting industry is under.  The role of the BGA is more important than ever, to demonstrate to the wider public and public bodies that shooting practices are being operated to a recognised standard. In addition, that it continues, with others, to lobby and promote the wider and sometimes overlooked benefits associated with  shooting; including conservation, wildlife research, habitat creation, woodland creation, employment and wider economic benefits to the UK.


Why do you feel the discount is a benefit to BGA members?

BGA Members are able to enjoy, at the discounted price, in the knowledge that they are supporting a brand that aligns itself with the high levels of assurance offered by the BGA. 


Can you tell us a little bit about your key plans, events and/or any new products for 2022?

We would love to do another spirit that is in keeping with the brand story, and the orchard is big enough to support expansion. At Gattertop Drinks Co, we are striving to measure and reduce our environmental footprint with sustainable business practices and processes.  Our aim is to use the B-Corp framework to help our business meet sustainability target over the next few years.


Anything else you would like to include?

What makes our spirits stand out from others is the provenance, taste and premium quality behind the drinks.  Both drinks have won numerous awards which we are hugely proud of.  Botanic No 7 has won a world class IWSC award, Spirit Gold with a top score of 96/100.  Damson No 12 has won the Great Taste award 5 years in a row.


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