GunsOnPegs Support

The GunsOnPegs team have made it easier for you to shoot with an assured shoot.

GunsOnPegs have been huge supporters to the British Game Alliance team since the start, Tom Adams our Managing Director worked as the Director of Shooting there before founding the BGA in January. GunsOnPegs was started in 2007 by Chris and James Horne and it now has over 100,000 members with over 1,200 shoots listed, advertising many full days and also single pegs either a year in advance or at the last minute as well as many more opportunities through syndicates and classifieds.


GunsOnPegs believe that it is essential that shoots of all level join up to support the future of the industry. From now on you will now be able to see the British Game Alliance assured badge on any of the members profiles on the GunsOnPegs website.  Hopefully the members looking to help contribute to the sustainability of shooting will now choose a British Game Alliance shoot.


Chris Horne, Managing Director of GunsOnPegs says the following “The Game Shooting Census has shown a clear trend – guns are looking to spend their money with shoots that have transparency about their operation but most importantly, are acting in the best interests of our wonderful sport. By joining the BGA, a shoot is demonstrating this and so it is only right that GunsOnPegs help to promote that shoot to our members. I am most pleased to see the BGA’s great progress and hope that the momentum continues.”


Please see below an example of the BGA logo on a shoot profile on the GunsOnPegs website.


We thank them for their continued support in protecting our sport.