The Team



Liam Stokes, Chief Executive

Liam is a countryside campaigner, policy professional and passionate advocate for game shooting both as a sustainable source of delicious food and a tool for good in the countryside. Liam has worked for the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust’s Upland Research team, managed a college pheasant shoot, taught gamekeeping and developed game and wildlife management degree programmes. He has served on the BASC England Committee and was formerly Head of Shooting and then Head of Campaigns at the Countryside Alliance. Most recently Liam was Senior Leader for Farming Sector Policy at Defra, navigating EU Exit, a General Election and the early stages of the Covid Emergency.

Liam believes in the mission of the British Game Assurance. Working with colleagues from across game shooting and beyond, he believes we can secure the future of a self-regulating, sustainable shooting sector putting assured game meat on the nation’s plates.


Mark Staples, Commercial Director

After graduating Mark spent time with Grand Metropolitan Hotels in Europe and the UK, before moving to Hilton where he spent 15 years in a variety of roles, culminating as Food and Beverage Director for the UK. Then moving to Corus Hotels as F&B Director, also looking after the Restaurant Partnership as well. Joining PSL in 2009, in various roles, finally running the High Street and Healthcare sectors as Account Director. Shoots both game and clays, and a regular visitor at The Game Fair for many years.

His passion for great food and service started at an early age, is as strong as ever, and even stronger promoting and use of British food and ingredients. Ensuring that he uses British produce at home as his first choice and often looking for alternative UK product if his first choice isn’t there.


Louisa Clutterbuck, Director of Operations

Louisa joined the BGA in the early stages and brings with her a wealth of administration, marketing and business skills. Having grown up in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside she is passionate that country pursuits are incorporating the latest developments in their field to create a sustainable future for all.  A passion for food ignited by a Leiths cooking course while at school she enjoys creating new game recipes to share with friends. Louisa is excited to be part of a cause she believes so strongly in.

Tiffany Greene, Office Administrator

Tiffany has worked in a variety of administrative roles in her career and while she grew up in London, she has always enjoyed the countryside and all it has to offer. Having worked in various industries she has always been keen to gain an understanding of her working environment. Tiffany is excited to be part of the BGA team and is relishing this opportunity to learn more about game.








Advisory Committee


Dylan Williams, AC Chairman and Board Member

Having enjoyed shooting and rural pursuits since the age of 9, Dylan spent his formative years studying and working in Agriculture in Wales, before working for the Countryside Commission for Scotland on the wild North West Coast. Following time working for the Game Conservancy Trust, County Wildlife Trusts and The National Trust educating youngsters in practical conservation work, Dylan became Head of Game and Wildlife Management Department at Sparsholt where he created the first 3 year National Diploma in Game Wildlife and Conservation Management – which continues to this day.

Dylan founded the Royal Berkshire Shooting School in 1991, and following its acquisition in 2018 by James Purdey and Sons, Dylan was invited to become a consultant to Purdey at Royal Berkshire - which he continues to enjoy, assisting the exceptional team at the Shooting School .

Dylan established Pressendye Limited – a consultancy providing private shooting tuition, assisting rural businesses, National Charities, as well as promoting the exceptional brands and companies he is proud to act for.


Andrew Davis, Secretary

After reading for a degree in agriculture at Oxford University, Andrew joined his father in the family business farming 2,200 acres in north Hampshire. He surrendered his tenancy when the land was sold and joined the CLA, becoming Director South East. In 2006, he joined the academic staff at the Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, as a part-time senior lecturer, where his main interests are Heritage Property and Game and Deer Management. A passionate countryman, he is Hon Secretary of the Countryside Forum, formerly the Standing Conference on Countryside Sports and Management, Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Rural Forum and writes a regular newspaper column.

Chris Horne

I started GunsOnPegs with my father in 2007, it what was only supposed to be a hobby website for our favourite pastime. It became our full time business in 2009 and I became sole Managing Director in 2014. I have seen the industry change a huge amount in that time and have enjoyed addressing these challenges to do my best to safe guard the future of shooting. GunsOnPegs is a tech business built on data and our unique position means that we can often gather a lot of information for different scenarios quite quickly which leads us to make better decisions.

D'Arcy Wyvill

D’Arcy Wyvill left the hustle and bustle of the media world to return to Yorkshire to run the family estate, where he has now been in situ for 10 years. The estates’s shooting activities are a major employer and contributor to the local economy whether it be via offering high end accommodation for the local grouse moors or running days on the estate. D’Arcy succeeded the shooting business from his father Charles who was one of the first operators in the UK selling UK sporting opportunities to foreign clients and has since developed a broad knowledge of the shooting and hospitality business. D’Arcy is passionate about the benefits of shooting and conservation and has a keen interest in the social, economic and environmental issues facing rural communities. D’Arcy is also a keen fly fisherman and photographer and father to a young family.

Steve Bloomfield

Steve Bloomfield has spent thirty years as a gamekeeper and deer manager. Trained originally in wild bird management Steve progressed through the ranks to head keeper on both private and commercial shoots in East Anglia and Derbyshire before joining BASC in 2008. A BA honours degree in business management followed as he progressed through BASC from director of the Midland region to director of England and is currently executive director of shooting and operations.

Mark Cunliffe-Lister

Brought up on Swinton Estate which offers a wide variety of habitats and game over 20,000 acres, including grouse and pheasants. He has taken part in all aspects of shooting from beating, picking up, shooting and running the days. He took over the running of Swinton Estate in 2006 and organise let and syndicate shoots on the grouse and pheasants and walking days too. He set up a shooting school on the Estate which is now leased to EJ Churchill, and hosted the ‘Swinton Grouse’ charity clay shoot for 10 years. He joined the Moorland Association board in 2017 and was appointed Chairman in 2020.

Brian Mitchell

A full time Gamekeeper since leaving school at 16 years and is now aged 72.  Head keeper for 19 years old in Dorset then moved to Exmoor at 29 years old, at the time Exmoor was starting to develop a shooting interest. Helped develop some of the best shoots on Exmoor. He has a passion for good birds flying over guns not bag fillers. Brian was one of five Gamekeepers to put the National Gamekeepers Organisation together in 1997 and has been one of the Vice Chairman's since inception. Also Chairman for Devon and Somerset from the start on the Greater Exmoor Shooting Group [GESA] witch has been very successful in keeping the Exmoor National Park informed and supportive of the shoots. Proud father and grandfather to three game keepers.

Tim Baynes

Tim Baynes is Moorland Director of Scottish Land & Estates, representing grouse moors north of the border, and in close liaison with England. A former land agent, forestry contractor and investment specialist and farmer, he worked for the Countryside Alliance in the North of England before returning to Scotland in 2008. Having been brought up at Lake Vyrnwy in Wales, he has been involved in country sports all his life and is keen for the British Game Assurance to thrive in Scotland, and to develop accreditation alongside other schemes such as Wildlife Estates Scotland.

Kim Beddall

Founding Chairman of the Horningsham and Brixton Sporting Clubs shooting over 8,000 acres in Wiltshire between 1985 and 2021. Founded Up Cerne Sporting Club in 2014 running two shoots in Dorset until 2020. Developed Selwood Sporting Ltd in 2014, a rearing operation in Wiltshire specialising in importing partridges from Portugal.

George DavisGFA Chairman

George was elected GFA Chairman in March 2021, he comes from a family who have farmed gamebirds for generations, longer perhaps than any other in Britain, but George himself has new ideas and a clear vision for what he wants to achieve.

Ian Jones MA VetMB MRCV

Stewart McIntyre

Having realised early on he was destined for a career in countryside management, he moved north and studied at Newton Rigg, a two year course in gamekeeping and wildlife management. Stewart chose a placement within a commercial shooting operation in East Anglia where he gained a vast amount of experience in the industry.

His current position, Estate Conservation Officer and Wildlife Manager for The G S Group which he has held for 12 years, is managing a multiple of sporting enterprises and Agri environmental schemes within a family farming business in Cambridgeshire, managing the countryside to create harmony between wildlife conservation, farming and shooting.  Understanding the value and importance shooting has in our countryside is key in educating future generations and the wider public, something Stewart is extremely passionate about.

Will Southall

Will was brought up on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and, from an early age, has had a passion for the rural environment and country sports. Having worked for JM Osborne Rural and Sporting and William Powell Sporting since 2014, Will became a Director in April 2020.

With a keen eye for detail, Will is responsible for the management and delivery of a wide range of professional and Estate management projects. He has a detailed understanding of Estate management systems and has experience of delivering complex projects within strict timescales, and budget allocations. His client base ranges from the south coast to the Highlands of Scotland and on a day to day basis Will is involved in dealing with a wide range of stakeholders including Estate and property owners, employees and Government organisations. Will invests time in getting to know the people as well as the project, which helps him build a holistic picture of each individual client’s needs, preferences and long term desires. Will also manages the development of William Powell Sporting, a unique Sporting Agency, offering exclusive sporting opportunities worldwide.

James Aris

James Aris is the Shooting Campaign Manager for the Countryside Alliance. Having worked in Politics for many years, James joined the BGA in 2021 and covers all things projectile – representing, promoting, and protecting the sport in parliament, in the media and on the ground. He is a keen game shot and environmentalist and lives in rural Hampshire.

Amy Willcock

Amy Willcock is a successful writer of nine cookery and entertainment books. Born in Chicago, she moved to the UK in 1980.  Amy’s extensive involvement in Shooting for over twenty five years- from running days as shoot captain to being part of the picking up team- has enabled her to experience and understand the inner workings from the Gun’s point of view as well as from the Gamekeeper’s side.

Barney Stratton

Barney Stratton was born on the family farm at Stockton and after spending the 1990’s working in London as a merchant banker he returned to Stockton in 1999. He had been running the family shoot while in London, but on his return he was offered the shooting lease on the farm next door which meant he would have to sell some days to cover the cost. When more farmers offered their shooting rights, the shooting enterprise began to grow and Stockton Shoot became more than a hobby. It now does over 200 days, predominately partridges with pheasants later in the season, and a simulated clay shoot in the summer months.

Julian Boddy

Julian Boddy has been involved in the shoot management and commercial lettings business for nearly 28 years. After leaving the Royal Agricultural College, he worked in Lancashire for two years before joining Sportselect Ltd in 1994 and becoming Managing Director in 1999. The business has leased and managed some of the most renowned shoots in North Yorkshire and arranged more than 100 days annually, the majority hosted by Julian personally. Julian now acts as a consultant to two North Yorkshire shoots and is involved in the management, letting days and hosting days in the season. Julian’s fastidious attention to detail, reliability, and knowledge of the industry within North Yorkshire and the wider area is exemplary. Julian joins the BGA Advisory Committee as a representative of NYMSA (North Yorks Moors Shooting Alliance) with a focus on encouraging local members to join the BGA and to feed back to the BGA the concerns shoots have with the assurance scheme and other matters.

Richard Croft

Richard Croft has been involved and had a passion for Country Sport since a very early age. Joining Bettws Hall in 2008, playing an integral part developing the hatchery and game farm to where it is today. Richard understands the importance of good stock and has spent time working with different producers all over the world together with the home flock to make sure quality is at it highest. With over 1,000 days hosting in the field in the winter, Richard understands all aspect of our sport.

Annie Prebensen

After a career in financial services in both New York and London, Annie moved with her family to Exmoor in 2004. A garden designer by profession she also manages the Hollam Shoot and Estate. The shoot has 39 pheasant days which are taken by a mixture of sold teams and a club. The estate farms cattle and sheep and has extensive woodland including a SSSI. The core focus for every decision at Hollam is to improve conservation and bio-diversity. She sits on the BGA Advisory Committee as the representative of GESA (Greater Exmoor Shoots Association).

Christian Nissen

Christian founded Highland Game in 1997 in Dundee, Scotland. From day one, his ambition was to drive the Scottish venison industry forward and make venison readily available in UK. “We had a very clear vision from the start, and that is to make quality venison products easily accessible to the whole nation.”

Today Highland Game is the No1 brand in the UK for venison.

Christian is involved in all aspects of the business, and backed by a highly experienced Management team he has fulfilled his vision of supplying great quality assured venison into leading restaurant distributors, quality butchers and deli shops, as well as many of the leading supermarkets, from Lerwick to Land’s End and further afield into Europe and beyond.

“Highland Game represents the very best of venison we have to offer, this is guaranteed by our exclusive partnerships with Forestry Land Scotland, The Forestry Commission England and supply from best in class estates.”

Christian is also a director at Scottish Quality Wild Venison (SQWV) , a market leading quality accreditation scheme, the industry’s own safeguard to ensure that Wild Scottish venison meat reaches the consumers has been procured and handled to the highest quality standards every step of the way, quality assured.

Christian is an avid stalker and is hugely passionate about the values of Great British Game in sustainability and sustaining jobs in rural communities across our great nation. Going forward, alongside his team at Highland Food Group, he continues to evolve the business to make more venison products and other speciality meats  appealing to a wider base of consumers to enjoy.

Nathan Little

Having played an active role in shooting for many years Nathan has been active in the industry at a number of different levels. From running his own pheasant shoot at 15 to launching his first business at aged 16. Following on from reading for a BA in Politics Nathan now runs a PR agency and brand consultancy specialising in crisis management; Advising businesses on the pitfalls social media. Increasingly active online, Nathan enjoys sharing his days in the field promoting the sport online. Over recent years he has spent an increasing amount of time hunting and shooting abroad to learn more from hunting cultures far and wide.

Roger Draycott

From a farming background and with a PhD in pheasant ecology, Roger has worked at the GWCT since 1993. He spent many years undertaking applied research on pheasants (reared and wild) and grey partridges through Britain before joining the advisory team in 2012. Roger provides advice on game management and wildlife conservation to farmers, shoot managers, conservation organisations and the agricultural supply chain across eastern and northern England in addition to heading up the Advisory team.

The Board



Ivan Shenkman, Chairman

Ivan set up upmarket food wholesale company London Larder in 1980 and sold it to Brakes in 1992. He then founded PSL which grew to be the UK’s largest food purchasing consultancy working with over 2,000 clients throughout the UK. In 2016 he sold PSL to global player Sodexo who are seeking to roll out the PSL concept across Europe and beyond. He remains on the board.

Ivan has taken a keen interest in country pursuits for as long as he can remember and is passionate about making sure our sport is both well-regulated and well placed for the future.



Alan Beynon, Board Member (MD & Founder of St' David's Vets)

Alan founded the game bird division of St David’s Veterinary Group in 1994.  He was an early advocate for preventative medicine, such as improving the rearing and releasing conditions of poults, rather than simply treating disease once it occurred. His wealth of knowledge of the game industry and the respect he commands from it is unrivalled.


Charles McVeigh III, Board Member

Charlie joined the BGA from the start because of his passion and deep concern for our communities future. His extensive experience in the financial world will ensure the BGA is steered in the right direction and finacially sound. He is Chairman of Citigroup’s Investment Bank-Private Bank Partnership. He was formerly a member of the Fulbright Commission and presently serves on the Boards of Countryside Alliance, EFG-Hermes, Savills plc and Petropavlovsk plc. He is also a Governor of St Mary’s School Shaftesbury and a former member of both the Development Board and Advisory Council of the Prince’s Trust. He has formerly served as President of the American Chamber of Commerce; on the Boards of the LSE, LIFFE, Witan Investment Company plc, Clearstream and was appointed by the Bank of England to serve on the City Capital Markets Committee and the Legal Risk Review Committee. Charlie is ardent supporter of the countryside.


Simon Chantler, Board Member

Simon Chantler is a co-founder and Chairman of Meadow Foods, the largest independent manufacturer of added value dairy ingredients supplied to food manufacturers in the UK.

A former dairy farmer, and currently a Trustee of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Simon is passionate about all things to do with country sports, in which he has been involved for all of his life.


Richard Blackburn, Finance Director

Richard spent 28 years in the investment banking industry working at various firms including James Capel/HSBC, Schroder Salomon Smith Barney/Citigroup and Barclays. Based in London, Asia and New York he worked in a variety of Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, COO and Governance roles. Prior to that he qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse.


Dylan Williams, Director and Advisory Committee Chairman