March Newsletter

When was the last time the press was sharing good news stories about game shooting? Feels like it has been a very long time, but BGA certified game is going to be served in NHS hospitals for the first time and it seems like everyone thinks this is a brilliant idea.


We have been working with our friends at the NHS to introduce game onto hospital menus for years. Our Commercial Director Mark Staples has been liaising with his NHS counterparts to develop recipes that are exciting, wholesome, tasty and healthy. The early trials were a success, and now the meals will be rolled out into six hospitals. Who knows where it might go from there?


The Sunday Telegraph were first to break the story (to read the article click here) and today I have been speaking to BBC Radio Essex. I have been doing media work around game shooting for about 12 years, and I have never seen such a positive reaction in the mainstream press. And why not? Who wouldn’t want recuperating patients to have access to interesting new menu options that happen to be healthy and sustainable? You can listen to that BBC interview here, it’s only five minutes long; live on air the presenter tells me she has never eaten game before, and asks why she should. The BGA’s work starts conversations like these, and these conversations are vital to the future of game and game shooting.


These are the wins we can achieve through the support of the shooting community. Last month it was Marks and Spencer (to read click here) today the NHS. Game on supermarket shelves and on hospital menus can only be achieved through proper certified assurance and effective game meat marketing, and BGA can only deliver that with your support. So thank you, everyone, who has promoted our work, paid or collected the levy, or registered a shoot or game farm with us. Our success is your success.


Best wishes,


Liam Stokes

Chief Executive

British Game Assurance