Meeting with DEFRA minister to discuss British game

Tom Adams, Managing Director meets with Defra Minister, Dr Therese Coffey MP along with Liam Stokes, Countryside Alliance and Jim Shannon MP.

Tom Adams was invited to meet with Defra Minister, Dr Therese Coffey MP to discuss how the Government can assist and support the British Game Alliance to boost sales of game at home and abroad whilst implementing high standards for shoots.

The Countryside Alliance are big supporters of the British Game Alliance and helped arrange the meeting alongside Jim Shannon MP to see how the Government could bolster the BGA’s goals of finding new avenues for pheasant and partridge overseas. Jim Shannon MP said: “The meeting was very positive and it was great to give the minister a wider understanding of the true aims of country sports and the regulation to make it the best that it can be.”

Dr Therese Coffey MP was delighted to hear that over 350 shoots have signed up to self regulation in such a short period of time. Defra will now assist creating new markets for game overseas, especially in the Far East and the BGA looks forward to a long and fruitful relationship going forward.

Countryside Alliance Head of Campaigns Liam Stokes said: “We know that anti shooting activists are constantly pressuring Defra to take unnecessary action against game shooting, so we felt it was vital to make the Minister aware that the shooting community is taking strides to enforce best practice through the creation of the British Game Alliance standards and auditing regime. The Minister was pleased to hear of the progress we have made so far, which underlines the importance of every shoot signing up to the BGA so those of us who campaign for shooting can confidently say that we are a self-regulating sector.”

Tom Adams, Managing Director of the British Game Alliance, said: “I was very encouraged by Defra’s positive attitude towards aiding the British Game Alliance and wider game industry with the sale and promotion of game, most notably in export.

“Opening new markets outside of Europe is a focal point in the BGA’s strategy to grow the demand for game and having the full support of Defra is crucial in reaching our objectives. We are very excited about the opportunities that await going into next year.”