Natural Resources Wales Pauses On Licensing

Decision changed on Welsh Licensing.

This morning, we received great news: Your efforts and that of the Aim to Sustain partner organisations have led to a pause in the Welsh Government’s plans to license the release of pheasants and partridges. Natural Resources Wales (NRW) informed us that they have put aside their plans to license game bird releases for the 2024/25 season. Furthermore, they’ve had discussions with Welsh Government ministers about whether such licensing will be needed in the future.


Previously, NRW mentioned that they received feedback from over 42,000 individuals during their consultation. We believe that the majority of these responses came from the shooting community, who were against the idea of licensing game bird releases. They were concerned that such licenses might pave the way for politicians to gradually impose restrictions on shooting activities.


It’s crucial to recognize that game shooting brings significant environmental, social, and economic benefits to rural communities. Our advice to the government is to consider dropping this proposal entirely, or else it could lead to a contentious battle with the countryside. We will continue to fight for our member’s interests.