New Gamekeeper Training Programme

British Game Assurance supports new Gamekeeper Training Programme by offering registration discount.

To further incentivise game farms and shoots to sign up to the new Gamekeeper Training Programme, British Game Assurance (BGA) is offering attendees 20% off their next BGA registration fee.


The programme, which is being run by game vets across the country, has been devised to help gamekeepers maintain and improve standards of game farming and releasing. The new certifications will help shoots and game farms provide evidence required during a BGA audit, which is rapidly becoming the benchmark of shoot standards as the game shooting sector aligns with modern agriculture by adopting rigorous, independent assurance. There are three training modules available, costing £50 each, covering hatchery management, gamebird rearing and releasing to shoot. Attendees only need attend the modules that are relevant to them and will be given a certificate on completion.


Shoots and game farms can contact their vet to enquire about the training. If their existing vet is not operating the training, operators can contact BGA for help. BGA recently launched a register of game vets, to help shoots ensure they are working with vets who are serious about gamebird health and will be able to assist in identifying vets offering this new certification. 


Liam Stokes, Chief Executive of BGA, added:

“We are delighted to support any efforts to raise standards and spread best practice in the shooting sector. We will help anyone access the new training modules by pointing them to our register of game vets, and to reward the efforts of anyone taking up this opportunity we are happy to offer shoots and game farms 20% off their next BGA registration upon completion of the training, whether they are new to the BGA or already participating in the scheme.”