Newsletter: August

Mac and Wild, lead update and advice on cooking grouse.

A very happy new season to you! Here at the BGA we have marked the start of game shooting with a new collaboration and a new campaign to get people thinking about grouse differently and using it in their own homes.


So much has happened in the build up to this season, so much has been said and written and worried about, it is probably a relief for many of us that shoot days are finally happening. It has been great to see so many people out on the hill enjoying the sun (or wishing it were a little less warm) and having some excellent days despite the very mixed news on grouse numbers across the country.


The BGA team spent the 12th at The Shed, which just might have been the very first restaurant to get grouse into London! We were there to support their grouse night, an excellent opportunity to promote game to a new demographic, and we did our best to maximise the impact of the event on social media as you can see here. Getting people to think differently about game is what this season will be all about for us. The Shed are serving grouse to a young, urban audience, and that is something we want to get behind.


We encourage people to support their local pubs and restaurants wherever they can, but if that isn’t an option, we also need to help people bring game into their homes. That is why we partnered with Ardgay Game and Mac and Wild to produce and promote BGA Assured grouse restaurant kits, and the story has gone down a storm. Among many other outlets, the Evening Standard covered the recipe box in their article on London restaurants serving grouse. That is exactly the message we want to share, making game accessible in restaurants and at home, published in exactly the sort of paper in which we need to be seen if we are to grow the number of people enjoying game. The restaurant box story was picked up by online news websites with millions of viewers, so hopefully we have opened up a whole new audience for grouse!


Of course none of this promotion can take place without the BGA Assurance Scheme, which reassures the public that game meat is sustainable and ethical. To that end I am delighted that Shoot Audits can now begin again, and the first are already booked. These audits are the reason the BGA Standards are so credible, so it is vital we get them underway now the restrictions allow us to do so. I understand they can be a little intimidating for those going through them for the first time, so please get in touch if you or any of your team have concerns and we will do our best to support you. I am very keen we link up BGA shoots and their teams more closely so we can all support each other to do better, so if you have been through the process and want to share your experience, it would be great to hear from you too.


All the very best for the 2020/21 season,


Liam Stokes
Chief Executive