Newsletter: January 2019

Game Disposal and First Season Feedback

It has been a busy week, centred around the high profile of video footage in the media, showing game carcasses being buried on a farm in Leicestershire.

Though these carcasses had been processed, these actions remain irresponsible and very likely illegal according to the Animal By-Products Regulations 2013. The BGA member shoot is currently going through our disciplinary process. These findings will be reviewed by our Advisory Committee, made up of the shooting organisations and shoot representatives, this will be reported in due course.

Our position was reported by ITV News, and filming took place at Vicars Game near Reading. When the BGA was approached for this interview, we felt it important that the filming should take place at a BGA Approved processor, to show the public the fantastic quality of the meat and it’s environment where it is produced, and that the BGA and the shooting community are proud to promote this great protein source to the public. To see this footage please click here.

As might be expected, this has prompted much commotion in the papers and online, all with a common theme: the lack of regulation in the shooting world. This is the very reason for the creation of the BGA. We, the shooting community, have a responsibility to make a stance against bad practice and show those looking in with a microscope that we are working hard towards a sustainable future that enables the industry to thrive.

The BGA aspires for all game that goes onto the market to come from a BGA assured shoot, giving us the stamp of credibility in the food industry and in the public perception, at a time when traceability and standards are expected by all. As we prepare for meetings lined up with the major retailers, we are positive that the assurances the BGA provides will go a long way in facilitating and promoting the consumption of great British game.

The British Game Alliance is committed to the community’s sustainable future, which also means building solidarity within the industry. There are some who feel that taking a strong stance against the shoot and the recent footage is unjust and divides us but if the BGA can’t draw that first line in the sand then we will all fall victims to a far more onerous and potential fatal intervention.

As the season draws to an end and we take stock, we are thankful for many positives, with stronger collaboration across all sectors who fight the good fight. We also appreciate there is a lot to be learnt, especially from those who are members, we aim to be an open book and through our survey below we are very willing to adapt with the feedback from those who wish to be part of our future, please fill the survey in here.

We look set to hit our 500 shoot membership target in our first year of business (April). This is a fantastic milestone to have reached, and we thank you all for your support to date.  For those wishing to join the movement, you can do so here.

All members will receive an end of year summary looking back on the past year, containing details on marketing, sales and financials whilst also setting out our plans for the year ahead ensuring you are fully in tune with how we are delivering on our objectives.

Wishing you all the best for the rest of the season.

Kind regards,


Thomas Adams
Managing Director