Newsletter: October

BGA assured game into Sainsburys.

The BGA Kitemark appearing in a major supermarket for the first time is a huge step forward for the game meat sector. It is also a win for all of you, our members, who supported and adopted independent assurance for game shoots.


This week products from BGA stockist Holme Farmed Venison, based in North Yorkshire, are hitting the shelves of Sainsbury’s all over the country. We are expecting around half a million pheasants and partridges to go into these products, which is brilliant news. More game in more supermarkets means more opportunities for the public to try the delicious, healthy meat produced on shooting estates.


Yet these products, pheasant breast fillets and diced game casserole, represent much more than simply widening access to game. Right there on the front of the packaging will be the BGA logo.


Never before has game appeared on a supermarket shelf with a marque of assurance and standards, something the non-shooting public can learn to recognise alongside the accreditation schemes they expect to find on their farmed produce.


This is a massive development for the BGA Assurance Scheme. It is one thing to tell the public that game shooting is adopting independent assurance. It is so much more powerful to say you can now see that Assurance Scheme on the shelves of your local supermarket. That Kitemark will hopefully give more people the confidence to put game in their trolleys, growing the demand and expanding the number of consumers enjoying this quintessentially British produce.


This progress is in so many ways down to you, our Member Shoots, Game Farms and our registered processors and stockists. With your support for the principle of independent shoot assurance, whether you sell your game commercially or not, you have contributed to the momentum that has brought us to the point that major retailers are now happy to see BGA Assurance on their shelves. We are incredibly grateful to you. As more shoots join and we are more and more confident in our vision of a self-regulating shooting sector, we can expect more successes like this one. Watch this space.


All the best,

Liam Stokes
Chief Executive