Newsletter: Start of the Season

A very happy 1st October to you. We are all approaching this season with a degree of caution, and uncertainty remains, but writing from a sunny, autumnal Wiltshire it is hard not to feel just a little bit optimistic.


The shooting season is a time for joy, for getting the community together and harvesting some of the finest wild food our countryside has to offer. Of course this season we will need to do so whilst adhering to a set of guidelines that would have been unthinkable this time last year, but I have supreme confidence that you as BGA Members will follow them to the letter. You have already demonstrated your commitment to responsible shooting by joining the BGA Assurance Scheme, and this year we all simply have a few more responsibilities.


It is within that COVID-safe context that we will be enjoying each other’s company and enjoying the wonders of game, and that is what our new #BGAbites campaign is all about. We want to get our shoots showing off the game they provide their guns for elevenses. A mid-morning break in the field is the ideal time to get guns thinking differently about game, by whipping out some game sausage rolls or serving up something super creative from your own kitchen. This season we are asking you to get your camera out during your socially-distanced elevenses and snap a picture of the game you’re eating or where you’re eating it, and share it with us on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #BGAbites. If you have a recipe to share or a story to tell about some top notch game served in the field, you can email it to us and we will share it with the community and get everyone thinking about new ways to cook with game. Quality elevenses to you might be an excellent idea for a snack or a canape to someone who doesn’t shoot, so by sharing your #BGAbites you might be doing your bit to grow the number of people eating game.


Whilst enjoying your COVID-safe day, following guidance from the Government and from your shooting organisations, do please be talking about the BGA and spreading the good word about the work we do. As we work our way through COVID and then Brexit (and hopefully nothing else, that feels enough for now) we need to be able to tell Government and the public that shoots have embraced independent assurance and are registered with the British Game Alliance. Every shoot that signs up, of any size, whether they sell game or not, makes shooting that little bit more sustainable.


Have a cracking season.


All the best,


Liam Stokes
Chief Executive