November Newsletter – Part 1

Assurance Scheme and Audits

Dear All,


The BGA continues to gain momentum with more and more shoots joining a cause they believe in, to view the list of members please click here. The BGA’s remit is very clear, to bring back commercial value to game for the shoots we represent and to bring in effective self-regulation into our community, setting a benchmark for best practice that we can all be proud of.


Many shoots are looking for more information on the Assurance Scheme and its associated audit. Hopefully, all the questions and understanding you are looking for are below. Having conducted our first batch of audits, we have feedback from the shoots as well as detailed in our FAQ’s.


The BGA and Acoura are here to help shoots raise their standards where needed. This great step forward is a necessary one to professionalise the game sector, giving the food world confidence in the provenance of our produce. It also shows government and our opponents that we already operate in the main by best practice and can now prove this through a reputable third party assurance scheme, whilst aiding those who need support to meet the criteria.


To help shoots comply with the necessary records for the audit, we are thrilled to be sending all our shoots a welcome pack this week, which includes a comprehensive record book, further details below.


We hope you’re enjoying your season thus far.


Best wishes,



Thomas Adams
Managing Director
British Game Alliance