Partridge Teetar Tikka

Urban Rajah shows us how to make this delicious partridge recipe.

Now there’s an interesting duet, a call of the wild that happens in Northern India and East Pakistan…it occurs between the female and the male of the partridge species. The female calls tee tee tee and the male calls kila kila kila and when combines the duet sounds like kateela kateela kateela and the species derives its name as Teetar in this part of the Indian subcontinent. This recipe is all about performing a duet between these delicate birds of the wild and the punchy vocals of my spice tin!

This is Teetar Tikka, a kebab skewer of marinated partridge breast dredged in a crimson coat of fragrant ground spices, it takes a bit of time to marinate, minutes to cook and seconds to devour. And believe me once you’ve gone wild you won’t want to go mild with your cuisine again. It’s such as simple but utterly de-luscious recipe.

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