Regional Development Officers

British Game Assurance is looking to recruit two home-based individuals

British Game Assurance is looking to recruit two home-based individuals to drive the development of shoot and game farm assurance in their regions. These vital roles require an understanding of game shooting, a passion for best practice and the future of our community, and a drive to travel the country speaking to gamekeepers, shoot owners, game dealers and guns.


We have called these posts ‘Regional Development Officers’ because they will be crucial for developing every aspect of our work and embedding British Game Assurance into local communities. These individuals will be responsible both for encouraging new shoots and game farms to register for Assurance and for looking after our existing licensees and making sure they are kept informed of what BGA is up to.


A regional development officer will be at the front line of our mission, speaking to shoots directly, arranging shoot talks and attending game fairs. There will be travel, the regions will cover the north and south of the UK so there is a lot of ground to cover, and we will expect someone who can organise their time, their diary and their resources efficiently to maximise effectiveness.


We need some high calibre people to fill these exciting positions. The greater the uptake of Assurance, and more guns choosing to Invest in Standards, the safer shooting will be and the more widely we can promote game to the public. That is why these posts will be rewarded for levy collection and for registering new shoots and game farms with BGA, alongside a basic salary.


We need 80% of shoots registered for British Game Assurance if game shooting is to be considered a responsible, self-regulating sector. If you think you have the potential to help us reach this target, we would love to hear from you.