Rogues Game Dinner ft BGA Ambassador Leon Davies 20 October 2020

The BGA is delighted to announce a very special collaboration dinner between Rogues London and British Game Alliance Ambassador and top chef Leon Davies. 

Rogues London is a series of pop-up restaurants and a produce delivery service created by Freddie Sheen and Zac Whittle.

Each event is a blank canvas; each menu shaped hand in hand with season, location and experience, and each menu then torn down to start afresh. They also leave behind any pretence, instead focusing on creating beautifully crafted dishes in intimate environments where people can experience food at their most comfortable. And this characteristic is also present in Freddie and Zac – they’re not just the chefs of Rogues London. You’ll find them inside and outside the kitchen in equal measure, cooking and serving, greeting and talking. It’s personal for them and it’s personal for you.

The menu is featuring some of the best British game available, all BGA assured of course, all delicious and all sustainable.

This dinner is being hosted at Odette’s restaurant in Primrose Hill, who will also be providing wine from their exceptional cellar. This is definitely not one to be missed.

  • Pheasant liver choux bun, sherry vinegar & pistachio.
  • Mallard leg KFC, pickled walnut & jalapeño.
  • Sourdough, Caramelised onion & game bovril butter.
  • Braised grouse & haggis bonbon, black garlic ketchup.
  • Mallard, pickled elderberries & hasselback potato.
  • Partidge, roscoff onion & carrot sauce.
  • Butter poached pheasant, jerusalem artichoke, truffle & albufera.
  • Fermented damson tea, gin & rose.
  • Caramelised white chocolate cremeaux, blackberries & mint.


Odettes Restaurant,
130 Regents Park Road,
Primrose Hill,
London. NW1 8XL