Speak To Your Game Dealer

BGA urges shoots to speak to game dealers ahead of season

With just two weeks to go until the partridge season opens, the British Game Alliance (BGA) is calling on shoots around the country to reach out to game dealers and ensure they have a buyer for their game before the season is underway.


The warning comes after last year’s Covid-related shoot day cancellations which will see a record number of rolled-over days taken this season meaning there could be a lot of gamebirds for sale. The route to market has also been narrowed due to Brexit causing difficulties at the EU border and many stockists saying they will only accept game that has not been shot with lead.


The non-for-profit is now urging all shoots to contact multiple game dealers. BGA chief executive Liam Stokes commented: “This coming season brings with it unprecedented challenges in the sale and marketing of game. Eventually we need to get every shoot registered for BGA assurance and shooting with lead-free ammunition, so we can secure the market for all the wonderful game we are producing in this country. But right now, the priority is to communicate. Speak to a game dealer and make sure you know who is taking your game this season, and if you run into difficulties give the BGA a call and we will see what we can do to help.”


To find out more, contact info@britishgamealliance.co.uk