The purpose of the BGA is to promote the consumption of game. The BGA Standards cover the marketing of game and ethical issues which relate to consumer confidence.

The Code of Good Shooting Practice sets out the framework that enables shoot managers, guns, gamekeepers and their employees to deliver sustainable shooting, paying attention to the management of habitat and avoiding nuisance to others. All BGA members should abide by it and make it available to guns and all involved in their shoots.

The BGA will regulate the following standards through our auditing partners. 

  1. Records must be kept of the following; administered medication, game sales, game supplier, environmental stewardship, feed receipts etc. (Record keeping books will be provided for all members to help them going forward).

  2. Shoot operators must ensure the land is appropriately managed to continually benefit wildlife and its environment.

  3. Birds released on to your shoot must have been reared to the Government game rearing standards, or equivalent if sourced from abroad.

  4. Stocking densities must not compromise animal welfare or have a negative impact on the surrounding biodiversity. Shoots should refer to the GWCT’s releasing guidelines.

  5. Release pens must be checked daily ensuring adequate water, food, and habitat is available.

  6. Ducks must be released onto open water in numbers appropriate to the carrying capacity of the wetland habitat and encouraged to become wild.

  7. Antibiotics must not be used prophylactically.

  8. Un-prescribed medications must not be used.

  9. Stated withdrawal periods must be adhered to for all medication before game is shot and enters the food chain

  10. Birds must not be released to replenish or replace shot stock during the season. Birds must not be shot within four weeks of being released and must be mature and fully adapted to the wild.

  11. Adequate food and water must be provided throughout the season and thereafter until appropriate levels of natural food are available.

  12. All game must have an agreed market before release (within one's control) and before shoot days are planned, taking into account the number of birds you intend to shoot and the subsequent table weight of the fully-grown birds you released.

  13. Adequate picking-up must be available to ensure all birds are quickly accounted for and wounded birds dispatched accordingly.

  14. Shoot owners must take responsibility for ensuring guns use non-lead ammunition where legally required.

  15. All shot game must be regarded as food and treated in accordance with the ‘Guide To Good Game Handling’.

  16. Game that is being sent into the food chain must be placed into a chiller with an ambient temperature of 4C or below within a reasonable timeframe and where possible within 2 hours of being shot.

  17. Shoots must offer and where possible facilitate guns to take home game or game products.

  18. Game that is unfit for consumption along with processed game carcasses must be disposed of appropriately by either use of a APHA approved incinerator or disposal using the National Fallen Stock Company or an approved and registered animal by-products premises. Read disposal of fallen stock.

  19. Where a shoot or its employees are successfully prosecuted or cautioned for wildlife crimes, the shoot will be expelled from the BGA and their membership revoked.

  20. Individuals with an unspent conviction for wildlife crimes must not be employed in any capacity directly relating to the management of the shoot.

  21. Shoots must adhere to the law on trapping and snaring and adhere to the relevant industry codes or statutory regulations in their country.

  22. Shoots should abide by The Blanket Bog Land Management Guidance and The Heather & Grass Burning Code for England, similarly, the Code for Wales and those in Scotland should abide by the Muirburn Code and all of their associated regulations.

  23. It is recommended that the use of plastic wadded cartridges is  prohibited except when using non-lead ammunition.

I agree to abide by the BGA standards as seen above and should I be found to be in major breach of these standards I understand that my membership of the BGA could be terminated and steps may be taken to inform industry stakeholders.

I have read, understood and agree to the BGA’s complaint process and will allow for ad-hoc inspections by external auditors, as well as in the case of a substantive formal complaint made in regard to my shoot. Records will be made available on request, as outlined in the complaint process during the investigation of a formal complaint.

To see our supporting document which explains in more detail each of the standards to which our registered Shoot Owners must adhere, please click here.

You can read the Game Farm Standards here: