BGA Statement On Stop The Cull

Statement from Tom Adams, Managing Director of the BGA

In light of a recent web page published featuring BGA Members, the BGA, would like to release the following statement.

“The BGA have alerted its members to a web page set up by animal rights activists. We are currently working with the police and are in close contact with BASC and Countryside Alliance on this matter. This page was set up using the minimal information available on the BGA website, compiled over a long period of time using google along with satellite mapping to find specific locations. Going forward, we are removing the counties from the public list for further protection. We have and will always have the highest web security to ensure our members details are protected. Should members wish to make their shoot anonymous, please contact the team directly and we will change that with immediate effect. BGA shoots should be proud to be embracing best practice and we believe that this is an attack on the shooting community improving itself and hoping to sabotage this success.”

We can assure members that there has been no breach of GDPR regs and that the website has not been compromised, this has been confirmed by our web technicians. Many of the details on the badger cull page are incorrect which further confirms this and in many cases members not listed at all due to their anonymity. The majority of our members wish to remain visible on our site, in a stance against what is a bid to undermine the BGA and its members efforts to raise standards within the shooting community.

The quote below has been lifted directly from the ‘Stop The Cull’ Facebook page to give a clear idea of how the information was gathered.

“We’ll work up to more of them over time as we do have more databases and listings to work from, this particular one took several volunteers a few weeks to do in their spare time, so a much larger one of a thousand would in theory only take us a couple of months at the same speed. We’ll keep plodding on.”

If you have any queries or questions on this matter, please email and a member of the team will get back to you.